World Silent As Muslim Massacre Goes On In Myanmar

Mohammad Hossein Nikzad, a close personal friend and a senior student of political science called me, worriedly talking about the dire situation of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and the atrocities the Buddhist Rakhines are committing in the East Asian nation.

He called my attention to the mainstream media’s flagrant inattention to the heartrending genocide of the Muslims in Myanmar, saying that they are only a few second-rate news websites and some of the Iranian news agencies which have given coverage to the course of events.

And unfortunately, he was right. My searching for factual reports and articles regarding the massacre of Muslims in Myanmar by the extremist Buddhists yielded no significant results. I only found some pictorial reports of the burning of Myanmarese children published by Iranian news websites, an article by Ramzy Baroud which was republished in some Asian newspapers and an editorial by Dr. Ismail Salami on Press TV. Neither Reuters, nor New York Times, nor Washington Post, nor Fox News nor their comrades and cronies in France, Germany, Britain, Australia and Canada had uttered a single word regarding the painful days the Muslims of Myanmar are experiencing.

Rohingyas are a Muslim people living in the Arakan region. As of 2012, 800,000 Rohingyas live in Myanmar. The United Nations says that they are one of the most persecuted minorities of the world. As a result of systematic discrimination they have endured over the past years, many of them have migrated to Bangladesh and Malaysia and currently 300,000 Rohingya Muslims live in Bangladesh and 24,000 in Malaysia

The persecution of the Rohingya Muslims dates back to the early World War II when the Japanese forces invaded Burma which was then under the British colonial rule. It’s said that on March 28, 1942, about 5,000 Muslims were massacred in Minbya and Mrohaung Townships by the Rakhine nationalists. According to Amnesty International, the Rohingya Muslims have long suffered from human rights violations and as a result, scores of them immigrated to neighboring Bangladesh for better living conditions.

One instance of discrimination against the Muslims of Rohingya is that they are denied the right of citizenship by the government. Many of them have escaped to Bangladesh and as many as 111,000 of them live in the Thai-Myanmar border.

According to the website of Arakan Rohingya National Organization (ARNO), Rohingya Muslims require government permission to marry, are forbidden from having more than two children per family and are subjected to modern-day slavery through forced labor. Because the national government denies them the right to citizenship in their homeland, many Rohingyas have their land confiscated and they are restricted from travel.

The Human Rights Watch considers the denial of the right of citizenship the most important problem the Muslims of Rohingya face. The government of Myanmar considers the Rohingyas to be “resident foreigners.” This lack of full citizenship rights means that the Rohingya are subject to other abuses, including restrictions on their freedom of movement, discriminatory limitations on access to education, and arbitrary confiscation of property.

Some independent sources have told the Human Rights Watch that the government authorities continue to require Rohingya Muslims to perform forced labor. According to HRW, those who refuse or complain are physically threatened, sometimes with death, and children as young as seven years old have been seen on forced labor teams.

But what brought to light the deplorable situation of the Rohingya Muslims once again was the “2012 Rakhine State riots” which led to the killing of 10 Rohingya Muslims who were murdered by a Rakhine mob of 300 while on their way back from the country’s former capital Rangoon. It said that three Rohingya youths raped and killed a Rakhine woman and as the government sentenced two of them to death, a self-directed group of extremist Rakhine nationalists attacked a bus of Rohingya Muslims and killed ten of them. According to a group of UK-based NGOs, 650 Rohingya Muslims were killed from June 10 to 28, 1,200 went missing and more than 80,000 others were displaced as a result of rioting, arson and rape.

As reported by Associated Press, 1,336 homes belonging to the Rohingya Muslims were burnt during the unrest. However, The Platform, a UK-based human rights organization puts the number at 6,000. The Burmese army and police were accused of playing a leading role in targeting the Rohingyas through mass arrests and arbitrary violence.

Due to a media blackout in Myanmar and the lack of direct access by the independent journalists to the region, it’s impossible to verify the number of those who have been killed or the homes which were destroyed in the recent riots; however, what is clear is that the Rohingya Muslims are undergoing intolerable hardships and should be paid due attention by the international community.

In the recent weeks, the Burmese opposition leader and 1991 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi made the headlines when it was announced that she finally delivered her Nobel acceptance speech at Oslo’s City Hall two decades after being awarded the prize and almost two years after being released from house arrest. Suu Kyi, however, unpardonably ignored the plight of the Rohingya Muslims and never spoke a word about the hardships and injustices that have befallen them.

In a blatant act of censorship, the Western mainstream media have also stayed away from the massacre of Rohingya Muslims, showing their strong anti-Muslim bias and their duplicitous attitude toward the concept of human rights.

The Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar are living under extremely appalling circumstances. The dictatorial government of Myanmar has deliberately neglected their ordeal and the international community is overlooking their suffering. Is it in compliance with our human values to remain indifferent and apathetic to this unspeakable tragedy? The Western mass media are run by a number of Islamophobes associated with the Israeli lobby. Isn’t it our duty to stand up and protest their indifference to the suffering of Myanmar Muslims?

Kourosh Ziabari is an Iranian freelance journalist and writer and a member of World Student Community for Sustainable Development.

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7 Responses for “World Silent As Muslim Massacre Goes On In Myanmar”

  1. Gary Rumain says:

    This article is a complete pile of takiya and to be expected from a lying koranimal. The arselifters are fabricating this for their own ends. The truth can be found here –

  2. syed khurram ali zaidi says:

    I am very surprized to hear that and feel very bad of massacre of muslims in burma.Where are the USA officials who imposes the leader of humanity and where are the muslim world.I hope any one of them should teach the lesson to the burma’s government.Pakistan Should launch a team of Army Officials to find the what happens and make Muslim Save in burma

  3. iimc says:

    to stupid gary :
    learn how to read and use the net to increase your undeniably stupidity which i’m sure even beyond salvation

    its all happening…just some of the picture may be fabricated doesn’t mean it didn’t …you ignorant dumb

  4. Marshalldoc says:

    Please note that Al Jazeera English has run several stories sympathetic to the plight of the Rohingya. The situation is complicated by the fact that neither the Burmese nor Bangladeshi governments will recognize the Rohinhas as bona fide citizens and thus negate any responsibility for their well-being.

  5. Ajaz Khan says:

    If the reports are true and also the news in which in the recent weeks, the Burmese opposition leader and 1991 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi made the headlines when it was announced that she finally delivered her Nobel acceptance speech at Oslo’s City Hall two decades after being awarded the prize and almost two years after being released from house arrest. Suu Kyi, however, unpardonably ignored the plight of the Rohingya Muslims and never spoke a word about the hardships and injustices that have befallen them, then I can tell that Aung was not fighting for human rights and freedom but she was rightly put under jail if her attitude is like this. Her nobel prize should be taken back if such is her attitude. The Nobel peace prize is not just for keeping mum when human rights are being given and you are not making any peace effort and just keeping Mum. If Aung has some respect for the Nobel peace prize and humanity, she will start effort to stop the massacre.
    Also it is UN’s and all countries duty to avoid massacre of human beings either they are muslims or non-muslims and they should send forces to take control of Burma. Now US can put sanction and hold the Burmese government on tenterhooks if they are really for peace and humanity with justice. Even all government should step effort to stop all the killings.

  6. It’s odd that Middle Eastern Muslims are outraged at any event of “religious cleansing” of an area, (in this case Burma), considering that in all of Saudi Arabia, (one-third the size of the entire continental US and as large as all of Western Europe), no other religious are allowed other than Islam. In fact, the Buddhists, the Jews, the Christians, and various polytheistic sects — they were all there, till they were genocided from all of Saudi Arabia. Of course that was long ago. However, the current Saudi regime defends the current continuation of this religious apartheid over an area the size of Western Europe. (The hypocrisy of them obsessing over the eight-mile wide land of Israel, where admittedly there is some religious apartheid, when they exercise religious apartheid over huge swaths of the planet, is beyond laughable.)

    The Saudis think nothing of sending their missionaries all over the US and Europe, and they expect to be granted visas for their missionaries. However, they grant no visas to missionaries wanting to preach in their country. Since Saudi Arabia is sitting on top of the world’s oil, they can afford to be the biggest bigots and genocidalists that ever existed on earth, and, more importantly, they have successfully exported that genocidal belief system so that in every majority Sunni country, Chirstians, Jews, Buddhist, polytheists, Hindus, Bahais and everyone else is fleeing. If they don’t flee, armed “religious cleansing” thugs come after them and chase them off.

    No one in the Middle East can get a permit to build a temple, church or synagogue anymore. Even within Islam, the Sunni Wahabis are bulldozing and vandalizing and destroying Shia and Sufi shrines and mosques. Even in so-called moderate Muslim states, the Christians and Buddhists and Hindus are feeling the pressure, and Jews are just simply barred altogether or would be dead within hours if they tried to return. In a dozen countries with a billion plus people in them, this slow genocide and “religious cleansing” goes on day and night as the Wahabis spread their hatred and scheme of world-domination from their world-capital in Riyadh.

    Every day, you can be sure, in Middle Eastern and Northern African countries, more religious minorities are being run out of town than in Burma in a year. It’s shocking that Muslims obsess over the injustices against Palestinians, when every year areas a dozen times the size of Palestine are cleared of all but orthodox Muslims. So perhaps the silence over Muslims receiving injustice in Myanmar might be due to the Islamists having behaved in such a genocidal way, starting in Saudi Arabia and spreading outward, which is a case of complete and utter genocide against all religions. Perhaps it’s hard for us polytheists and Buddhists and Christians and Hindus and Jews to feel a lot of pity when we watch Muslims being persecuted in one place, when Muslims are currently doing it to us in an infinite number of places, and with total impunity.

    Test this: Be a Muslim and apply for a missionary visa in the West. Now, be a Mormon and try to apply for a missionary visa in any majority-Muslim country. You’ll find out what religious-genocide is. There are mosques all over Europe. How many synagogues are there in Arabia? How many Buddhist temples in Afghanistan? How many polytheistic shrines in North Africa? Did you really think we would not notice this hypocrisy of your building your mosques in virtually every country even as you disallow other religions to build their temples in your lands? Dream on.

    The Islamists preach freely in our streets, and take it for granted that this is their right, yet no person of a non-Islamic faith can preach in the streets of the countries they come from. They do not view this as unfair, because, of course, they are certain they are superior.

    So yeah, by now it’s hard for the world to get real excited about coming to the defense of these people in Burma, since we all know that at the very instant they become 51% of the population, their very first move is to begin rapidly shutting off all the missionary activity of other religions; and then. So, you know, since, at this very second, over millions of square miles, people are having to flee their homes as the Muslim Brotherhood and the Taliban and Al Qaeda boots them from their neighborhoods, (and even other Muslims are having to flee the Sunnis), well, it’s not hard to see how Islamophobia got started.

    The problem is that there really are moderate Muslims and even liberal ones, but they are so obsessed with hating Israel over a small patch of dirt a few miles wide, that they have no energy left over to confront the evils of the Sunni Supremacists who are clearing out whole subcontinents of “infidels.” And even the Sufis, even as the Sunnis are killing them, are still more interested in hating Israel than confronting their own murderers. It’s simply a wild sickness.

    So yeah, until the Islamic world stops purging and vandalizing and cleansing, everywhere from Malaysia to Pakistan to Egypt and everywhere in-between, don’t expect an outpouring of loving support for them when they get persecuted somewhere.

    The problem with Islam, in general, is that it lacks the maturity for mature self-examination, and hence, like an infant, it cries out when it is being bullied, and yet has zero self-reflection when it is doling out the bullying. (Yes, I know the Islamic PR machine hired thousands of well-meaning liberal Muslims to appear on the press who sincerely want tolerance, but believe me, those western-friendly press guys appearing in suits are not the ones who teach theology in the mosques.)

    And yes, now that the Muslims are at the other end of it, in Burma, they are bewildered, because they think persecuting others is something only they get to do. Bullies always believe only they have the right to bully others. And when they get bullied in return, they are the first to cry out about the injustice, although the islamophobia that causes the injustice against them is a thing they created through their eternal assumption of their own superiority over “the polytheists.”

    By the way, I am a polytheist, and I read the Koran, twice. And I’m reading the hadiths now. Guess what the Koran says about me, over and over and over, all the way through? It’s not a message of peace and love, but hatred for polytheism. Why then, would I weep when a religion whose central text calls for my destruction, is feeling some heat? Has any Muslim ever had the self-reflective maturity to consider that? Are Muslims aware that there are a billion polytheists who know very well what the Koran says about Polytheism? I wrote those friendly Mulsim PR guys in suits and asked them this question: “What would you say my fate, as a polytheist, would be, under Islamic jurisprudence?” My friend, they did not write back, for how could they pretend that the Koran is not a book dedicated to the hatred of polytheism?

    If the very central text of a religion preaches as its core value, the destruction of my gods and the gods of others, why would we not fear it? In fact, the more of the Koran I read, the more phobic I got. After all, it was the polytheists who were not merely chased out of an area the size of a continent, but also all of their sacred objects were destroyed. Being sympathetic to Buddhism, what I to think when I hear weekly of whole neighborhoods being cleared of Buddhists and whole temples being torched? When the giant statues in Afghanistan were desecrated? What in any of that would warrant my sympathy? I feel no one in the Muslim world has really faced their own faith and what it really teaches. For one thing, they are so used to dealing with Christians and Jews, (for which their religion has some tiny bit of tolerance under certain very limited circumstances), that they forget much of the planet is still pagan, and new pagans are born every day. Should they stumble upon a copy of the Koran, what on earth are they feel, but fear? It would be strangely irrational to read a book of threats against my person and not feel fear. In fact, the document itself admits that the threats in it are meant to install fear in those who don’t agree with it. So, you know, if you have a book that teaches fear, don’t be shocked when people are afraid.

    Because of your supremacist views, you naively believe we should accept the threats in the Koran against polytheism as merely the peaceful expression of your faith. We are supposed to accept the Koran’s criticism of us, but never criticize you? This is the logic of school-yard bullies and nothing more. And, as I recall, whenever the bully of our school yard met with defeat, he protested the loudest, although it was he who started the fights.

    The fact that you clear out whole subcontinents of non-believers and yet seethe with hatred because you got cheated out of an area so small that it barely shows on a map is evidence of the lopsided, disproportionate unfairness of your whole world view. As we are slowly coming under Sharia law, directly or indirectly, yes, we will be afraid, since Sharia law seeks, as its prime directive to eliminate our way of life. Sorry, my friends, but Islamophobia is rational on the part of the world of victims Islam is creating.

    Again, every day, in my country, I walk by mosques. Yet I can’t set up a temple in any Muslim country. How then are you the ultimate victims? Burma knows that in every province in which Muslims become a majority, they seek to secede from the larger country and set up a mini-country under Sharia law. The first order of business of that new country will be to chase out the remaining non-Muslims. We see the pattern over and over in the so-called Arab Spring, which is just switch from Western puppet dictators to Islamic Theocracies who then send all other religions fleeing. Did you think we would not notice?

  7. Anthony says:

    Can’t agree more with Mr. Thompson here. How can this site claim “journalism” with such flat-out, invidious lies? Shouldn’t credibility be a goal of groups or individuals seeking to be taken seriously? To claim anti-Muslim bias is an absolute joke. To say the Western media is run by a number of Islamophobes is the height of irresponsibility and simply, undeniably wrong on so, so many levels. Here in America, the mass majority of mainstream media (both print and broadcast) operate as if they were living under a Saudi Arabia-esque police state regarding the subject of Islam. “Islamophobic”?? You call yourself a “journalist” Mr. Ziabari? And there’s “Record” in this site’s name? Now, I’m just going to copy and past my musings here, so they may not all be in context or relevant to the topic at hand, but for convenience’s sake, bare with me here….

    I want to conduct a little thought-experiment. Replace said attacked group in following link with Islam/Muslims/etc: If a cartoon in Denmark leads to rioting and deaths, while an irrelevant filmmaker with a 14-minute YouTube clip leads to countless more and a handful more deaths, can you imagine just for one second what the repercussions of even ONE of these atrocities committed on the innocent lives of Muslims? Think.

    Ah, the mind-boggling asinine, mind-boggling, selective outrage of the left. Exhibit 93293: Tim McVeigh and this guy: with ZERO evidence they were Christian, they automatically label them Christian terrorists. Again, they were NOT Christian and did not kill in the name of Christianity. Meanwhile, you have Fort Hood, with ALL the evidence in the WORLD its was religiously motivated, yet every liberal and media outlet jumps through hoops to either omit that fact or jump through hoops rationalizing the killing. Exhibit 93294: what other group of emigrants kill (KILL) innocents over a cartoon in a foreign land (Denmark)? Please…please (please) challenge me in a tit to tat battle between Islamic violence vs. Christian violence (or all the religions in the WORLD…minus all the lefties rioting left and right all over the world for their god-given right to retire at 57 with a 90% pension for the rest of their lives)….I will MORE than easily match you a thousands..THOUSANDS…one thousand to one. Just skim the headlines here. .. .. When you’re stuck at #11 (half of which will already be false, considering you’ll jump through hoops to paint the likes of McVeigh and school shootings as “Christian”) I’ll be at #2933 and not even reached the last decade (why don’t you do your h/w on what’s going on in Egypt in just the last YEAR). Again, please skim over the headlines, replace Muslim with Christian and imagine how the fit would hit the shan if just ONE of those were by a Christian. .. ..

    And it’s SHOCKER you had to resort to colonial times to bring up alleged atrocities of Christianity. And what of all the Arab and African slave traders? What of the genocide in Darfur by Arabic Islamists against Africans? The religion of peace indeed. Know how many Muslims were killed in the 9/11 backlash in this (somehow simultaneously) Nazi/Zionist America? ZERO. And do your h/w. Look up hate-crime stats for Jews, versus Muslims. The left’s willful blindness to facts is disheartening to no end. More people are killed by Islamists each year than in all 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition combined… Islamic terrorists murder more people every month than the KKK has in the last 50 years..More civilians were killed by Muslim extremists in two hours on September 11th than in the 36 years of sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland… 19 Muslim hijackers killed more innocents in two hours on September 11th than the number of American criminals executed in the last 65 years. Yes, there are lunatics everywhere, the difference is the PROPORTION. And show me Christians who support this lunatic. Show me Christians who are rationalizing his actions like Muslims constantly do for Ft. Hood and every other Islamic-motivated atrocity. Show me one-THOUSANDTH of the amount of Christian bigots and Christian hate crimes on Muslims over the past 100 years and I’ll conceded I know nothing. Do your h/w on the violence in Europe against Jews and other religions by Muslims. Then look up the amount of crimes against Muslims. As for your last line, can’t argue–who in their right minds can? What drives me absolutely crazy, is the fact, that…again…is the selective outrage how people like you are so willfully blind to one group’s crime (again, with all the evidence in the world proving the motivations beyond a shadow of a doubt) and then so quickly condemning other attacks as a reflection of another group when he happens to be white and at one point in his life came within a 5 mile radius of a church with ZERO evidence (NY Times front page the other day: “Christian terrorist”).

    Am I calling all Muslims terrorists? Hell no. Do I hate Muslims? Really, NO. NO. Are most Muslims terrorists? No. Are the mass, mass, mass, mass (mass) majority of religious terrorists Muslim? Yes. It doesn’t matter how many Christians and Jews are killed by Muslims (again, dozens and dozens of thousands), the fact of the matter is, IF one…ONE Muslims would be killed in America by a schizo Christian, you and like-mind folk would harp on that ONE example till the day you die.

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