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A Rare Look At Morning Prayers At Guantanamo’s Maximum Security Camp 5

On May 15, military officials at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility escorted me and other visiting media to maximum security Camp 5, where non compliant prisoners are held, for a rare opportunity to observe the prisoners’ morning prayer. The visit took place amid a mass hunger strike that is now entering its fourth month and counts 103 prisoners taking part in the protest. Media arrived at the camp at 4:30 am and had to remain silent as the officer in charge of the camp did not want prisoners to know we were present. The prisoners did not leave their cells for prayer so we were unable to see them. What you are hearing is the leader’s call to prayer being done from inside of his prison cell. The closest we in the media came is when one prisoner stuck his arms through a bean hole to hand the guard something. The guards on the block are checking the prisoners cells every one to three minutes in accordance with their standard operating procedures.