CNN’s Dobbs Problem: Birther Obsession On “Most Trusted Name In News”

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1 Response for “CNN’s Dobbs Problem: Birther Obsession On “Most Trusted Name In News””

  1. Dobbs knows very well what he’s doing, and so do a lot of political consultants. Karl Rove has made a career from this simple truth: factual arguments, however well phrased, often fail to move electorates, while the power of myth never fails.

    Myths needn’t make sense, they just have to move the numbers in the desired direction, whether those be toothpaste sales or votes for president. In this way, the power of myth is powering weapons-grade domestic propaganda such as Dobbs is so fond of using.

    Here’s a simple criterion for judging the merits of messengers: real journalists and bloggers bust myths; propagandists deploy them.

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