CNN: Death Threats Against Obama Increase By 400 Percent

Below is the transcript of Sanchez’s report on the meteoric rise in death threats made against President Obama:

RICK SANCHEZ, CNN ANCHOR: I’m going to be telling you about a story that we just learned about. This is amazing, this e-mail I received moments ago. It is an e-mail that came from a pastor who recently in a sermon said that he wants Sasha and Malia to be fatherless and that he wants Michelle Obama to be a widow.

That’s just the beginning of what you are about to hear. I will take you through it.

SANCHEZ: All right. Hello again, everybody. I’m Rick Sanchez with the next generation of news. This is a conversation. It is not a speech. And it is your turn to get involved.

It is my duty as a journalist to make you aware of a deeply disturbing trend taking that is taking place in our country and how it ironically folds into yet another story that I shared with you just last week.

A CNN source with very close to the U.S. Secret Service confirmed to me today that threats on the life of the president of the United States have now risen by as much as 400 percent since his inauguration, 400 percent death threats against Barack Obama — quote — “in this environment” go far beyond anything the Secret Service has seen with any other president.

Now, I need to have you keep in mind today as we add details to this story of what we’re going to share with you here. I want to take you back 11 days ago, when Mr. Obama visited Phoenix, Arizona. Do you remember this man? He’s one of a dozen or so people who carried guns to that presidential event that we have been checking on.

You may remember that we heard him say on camera that he is prepared to resort to forceful resistance against the Obama administration. Now, today, I want to tell you about the church that that man attends. And, in particular, I am going to play for you parts of the sermon that were delivered from the pulpit on the very day before the president arrived in Phoenix, Arizona.

This is important. This, my friends, I believe you will agree, is chilling.

PASTOR STEVEN ANDERSON, FAITHFUL WORD BAPTIST CHURCH: Tonight, I want to preach this sermon. And you have probably never heard a sermon like this before. Actually, you probably have if you have been coming to church here for a while. But you know what? Here is my sermon, why I hate Barack Obama. That’s my sermon tonight, because Barack Obama is coming to town tomorrow morning.

Barack Obama is coming to town. And he is going to be here tomorrow morning. Who knew that he was coming to town? I didn’t know. I just found out recently with his health care and everything like this.

And I’m going to tell you something. I hate Barack Obama. You say, well, you just mean you don’t like what he stands for. No, I hate the person. Oh, you mean you just don’t like his policies. No, I hate him.

SANCHEZ: There is more and it is much worse. First, I want you to know the voice you heard there was that of Pastor Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona. On the day before the president’s visit, Mr. Anderson told his parishioners that he hates Barack Obama and wants him dead. This was Anderson from the pulpit saying the president deserves to die for supporting abortion rights. That is what he means when he uses the word violence. All right. Here is some more.

ANDERSON: What goes around comes around. You love violence. You hate that which is right. You love to harm others. You love to hurt or kill the unborn or the innocent or the righteous. He is saying, God is going to bring that upon your own head, because whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Now, turn back to Psalm 58 and let me ask you this question. Why should Barack Obama melt like a snail? Why should Barack Obama die like the untimely birth of a woman? Why should his children be fatherless and his wife a widow, as we read in this passage?

Well, I will tell you why. Because, since Barack Obama thinks it is OK to use a salty solution, right, to abort the unborn, because that’s how abortions are done, my friend, using salt — and I would like to see Barack Obama melt like a snail tonight.

SANCHEZ: Joining me from New York, a man who used to work for the U.S. Secret Service. He is Scott Alswang. He personally guarded Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush.

Thank you, sir, for being with us.


SANCHEZ: We are also going to be joined by Mike Brooks, who is standing right here next to me who has been digging down on this story. Mike, thank you for being here.


SANCHEZ: This looks serious. This almost looks like this is coming to the point where we are even beyond maybe where this nation was on November 22 of 1963, when JFK was assassinated, when there was also an environment of hate in this country. When you hear that, what are your thoughts?

ALSWANG: Well, I’m confident that my former organization, the Secret Service, is doing everything they can to keep the president and his family safe. There are a lot of people that like attention in these cases.

SANCHEZ: What about this case? Do you know if the Secret Service has knocked on this pastor’s door? Should they be knocking on this pastor’s door?

ALSWANG: I am confident that they have already knocked on his door, that through counterpart means in local and state and federal authorities, that this has come to be explained to. And for the media to bring it out, I definitely think that it has come to their attention.

SANCHEZ: Mike, were you going to add something to that?

BROOKS: No, no, I have been talking to some folks. And he has been interviewed by the U.S. Secret Service.

But, boy, he walks the fine line. And, Scott, you will agree with me. I was with the Metropolitan Police who worked on the presidential and vice presidential details when I was there for 26 years. And I can tell you, we used to run into people like this all the time, who knew how to walk that fine line without making a direct threat. And that’s what he did…

SANCHEZ: Well, hold on a minute. Here is Statute 18, U.S. Code, Section 871. We looked it up today, about threatening the president of the United States.

It is against the law to do so, as I’m sure you both know and I am just recently becoming expert on.

SANCHEZ: Let me read you the quote: “Whoever knowingly and willfully threatening to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the president of the United States.” That’s the way we were able to decipher those words.

It sounds like both of you are saying that this man directly is not doing that. Is that right, Mr. Alswang?

ALSWANG: He is walking a fine line. The problem I have with it is that he seems to be inciting his congregation to go and act in a direction toward the president. And that, at least on a local level, would seem to me to be an inciting charge. And if someone in that congregation had mental disabilities or were prone toward violence or had a direction of interest toward the president or his family, there could be grave consequences.

SANCHEZ: Well, that’s interesting. Let me show the viewers something.

Do we have that shot of Chris? Chris is the guy, Chris Broughton. It’s taken us a long time to dig down and find out who this guy is. Chris Broughton is that gentleman who had an AR-14, right, Mike?

BROOKS: AR-15 type weapon.

SANCHEZ: AR-15, sorry. There he is right there.

He is outside where the president was speaking. We have found out that Chris was actually in attendance when that sermon was given on the eve of the president’s arrival. Now, let’s listen to just a little bit more of that sermon, as we consider that chilling thought.

ANDERSON: You are going to tell me that I’m supposed to pray for the socialist devil, murderer, infanticide who wants to see young children and he wants to see babies killed through abortion and partial-birth (INAUDIBLE) everything? You are going to tell me I am supposed to pray for God to give him a good lunch tomorrow while he’s in Phoenix, Arizona?

No. I am not going to pray for his good. I am going to pray that he dies and goes to hell.

SANCHEZ: And, by the way, I should add once again that I have reached out to the pastor today. He has agreed that he will join us, he will talk to me on this show, most likely over either the weekend or Monday, was not able to do so today, because we want to reach out to him.

It’s interesting as you listen to the last words there. Let me read those back to you. “I am going to pray for his good” — “I’m not going to pray for his good. I am going to pray that he dies and goes to hell.”

Again, most of us law-abiding Americans listen to those words and we start to get worried for our president, whether he is a Democrat or a Republican or what he is.

What is Secret Service’s responsibility with people like this? And what are your concerns?

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49 Responses for “CNN: Death Threats Against Obama Increase By 400 Percent”

  1. Laura says:

    I blame McCain and palin. They ran an abhorrent champagne and someone should have reigned them in.
    They riled up their base by calling Obama a terrorist, and did nothing when their audience said kill him, off with his head etc. If anything happens to Obama, McCain/palin will have blood on their hands.

  2. Theresa says:

    Why don’t they take away his tax exemption? People like him and Palin say they believe in Jesus, but were the very same people who nailed Jesus to the cross. Shame on them!

  3. shel says:

    Nah, its Obamas own fault for displeasing the public so much. And the public’s fault for being idiots and electing him. McCain and Palin can’t be blamed for him being called a terrorist, people would have come up with that on their own. S***, how can blame McCain/Palin for a 400% increase; pointing a finger at third parties is neglecting the relationship between president and public. If a president makes the public happy rates wouldn’t be so high. Look at Bush, he had a horrible approval rating, yet Obama has 400% death threats, hmmm. I’d have to say it Obama himself. Not saying I want to kill him, but he didn’t have my vote. And still doesn’t.

  4. Francie says:

    It’s not Obama. It’s racist, ignorant americans (purposely lower case) who hate that an African American was elected to this high office.

  5. Dan says:

    You love the man or you hate the man. You must however respect the man. Would you want his job? Any threat towards the President, real, perceived, made as a joke, made in passing, etc. is and should be taken as real. Whether made in public, private, in a drunken stupor, amongst friends, whenever or however. I respect the President, no matter who he is, if I voted for him or not. As a retired military member the President was my commander no matter who he was. And yes I would have taken the bullet for him, again, no matter who is was. This so called preacher should be locked up and forgotten about! If he ever would make it to the lockup. And for him to be a so called Christian and a pastor of a church no less? When I heard this I was so irate over it and I do not care for President Obama but he is the President and he is doing a job that I would not want even for a day. I respect the man, I respect his family, I respect what he is doing even if I do not agree with it. May he and his family have a safe journey during his tenure in the White House.

  6. Kt says:


    Much respect to you. If more people adopted your attitude, our country would be a better place.

  7. HoldingTheAnchor says:

    That’s one megachurch pastor who’s at major risk of going to hell.

    If he doesn’t publicly take back what he said, he is now marked as wishing for another human being to suffer eternally, which is undeniably in contradiction to the most basic teachings of Jesus Christ. That pastor is supposed to teach CHARITY. Love thy neighbor – and we all know, for Christians, everyone is our neighbor. And, here this pastor has cast that aside and stooped to preaching for hell to gain one soul. That quickly, he became a preacher for Satan, and he added to it by preaching his hate. A Christian is never to hate, and is never to pretend he is the judge of another man’s soul and all his actions, no matter how public, and is never to pray that someone is damned to hell. If we do so, Christ is ready to say, after we die and stand before Him, I judge you by your own standard, and since you preached in my name both hate and damnation, go forever to the place of hate and damnation.

  8. Cris says:

    “It’s not Obama. It’s racist, ignorant americans (purposely lower case) who hate that an African American was elected to this high office.”
    Francie obviously had nothing intelligent to say so she brought out the race card.
    Race has nothing to do with it, it’s his policies and what he stands for, he is the most pro-abortion president ever, he was actually upset when partial birth abortion was banned, “share the wealth” is where hard working Americans pay for those who want to sit on their lazy butts and do nothing. Bailout after bailout all at the taxpayer expense, socialized healthcare is also going to be paid for by those same hardworking Americans. Under obama we are going to be taxed until there is nothing left to be taxed. Bottom line, we need to pray for obama, not that he die but that he see the truth before it’s too late.

  9. john says:

    How can any American in their right mind support somebody carrying an assault rifle to a Presidential appearance? Have we forgotten Kennedy and Reagan? What is to stop some right wing nutcase with a gun from getting so upset that he-or-she takes it out on a crowd of innocent people and blood is spilled? What kind of morons would find this in any way acceptable? These people should have been arrested on sight. Wouldn’t we have arrested Chapman or Oswald if they’d been spotted with firearms? The right wing is destroying this country and it will end in bloodshed. Maybe I’ll watch it all go down from Canada, where people still have some sanity.

  10. Marvin says:

    Cris, people like you said we were “anti American” when we didn’t agree with Bush’s policies, perhaps you are now the “anti American” because you don’t agree with our current President’s policies?

    I won’t attempt to educate you as far as your skewed worldview, I think you are probably past the point of education. But the idea that the death threats against Obama are strictly because of his policies is ABSURD. There’s a reason people are playing the “race card” because this is OBVIOUSLY about race. You’re not fooling anyone.

    Were these same nutters talking about killing Clinton? OK, some of them probably were. But a much lower percentage. It’s obvious that the uncalled for hatred against our President is coming from racist neanderthals. Stop apologizing for them, it makes me think you’re one of them yourself.

  11. Cris says:

    Marv, you don’t know a thing about me, people like me didn’t say you were “anti American” for disagreeing with Bush, we said you were exercising your right to free speach. People like me don’t go around saying Obama must die either.
    Take your head out of the sand before you try and judge me for disagreeing with Obama and see what he really stands for because the real neanderthals are the current democratic administration.
    1. Cap and Trade…. taxing people for producing CO2 a natural element necessary for life, not a pollutant.
    2. Healthcare bill 1100 pages? how many of those voting for it have actually read it? Of course Obama and Pelosi call us unamerican for opposing it.
    3. Obama promised transparency, he’s as transparent as a brick wall.
    4. Automaker bailouts, he should have let them fail, I don’t own a Chrys. or GM product but now I’m paying for them.
    5. “I don’t want responsible people to lose their homes” (Obama), if they were responsible they would not have purchased beyond their means, I’m now helping pay for “responsible” peoples homes.
    6.Of course Obama is for killing the unborn, partial birth abortion is ok for him.
    7. There was an email address to report those opposed to the healthcare bill.
    8. Obama is opposed to the right to bear arms.
    9. Obama proved he is racist when he said Sgt. Crowley acted “stupidly” before knowing anymore fact than the arresting officer was white.
    etc. etc. etc.
    Don’t attempt to educate me, you are not qualified, educate yourself, you obviously need it. Put away the race card, you are showing your true color.

  12. Kevin says:

    This is terrifying on so many levels. Of all the presidents who were caught doing shady crazy ish and it’s Obama they want to kill. If another American can freely speak on the death of another American and have a congregation for it, hell know living person who has views and opinions is safe. Yes Obama is different but half the issues he’s trying to fix were problems caused by other people in office and in their cabinet. This is crazy, i’m scared.

  13. Trevor says:

    My dear Cris,
    1. cap and trade is not new, and is the proven way to achieve a lowest cost solution to an emissions problem. CO2 is both necessary and harmful.
    2. Healthcare debate is already longer than the debate about the patriot act. Obama and Pelosi have never called anyone unamerican for opposing it.
    3. Obama is not as transparent is most constituents would like, but he’s far more transparent than his predecessor. We’re going in the right direction.
    4. Automaker bailouts are not to help GM and Chrysler specifically. They are to help keep jobs and stabilize the economy. It’s an investment in America. Be thankful you are able to pay for them because so many aren’t.
    5. Why do you assume the housing crisis is caused by people who can’t afford their mortgage? Did Limbaugh tell you that? What if you paid $700k for a house and the value dropped to $200k. You can still pay your mortgage, right? What if you have to move? Got an extra $500k available to pay the bank? It’s not deadbeats causing the issue. Get your news from a real news source.
    6. You are misrepresenting a law he signed a long time ago. Debunked heavily during the campaign. Were you paying attention or just repeating Fox headlines?
    7. The email address was not to report people opposed to health care. The website address was established to report LIES and untruths that have become so rampant a staff of full time people couldn’t keep up with it.
    8. Obama is NOT opposed to the right to bear arms. Quite the opposite in fact. Where are you getting your information?
    9. Obama proved no such thing, and he knew more facts than just the race of the arresting officer. I happen to agree that it was stupid to handcuff and arrest a man for breaking into his own house. You have got to stop listening to Glenn Beck. Repeating his BS just makes you look stupid, even though you are probably intelligent.
    Oh, and ‘people like you’ were not saying we were exercising our right to free speech with Bush. You put us in zones, had us tazed and forcibly removed us if our t-shirt even hinted that we weren’t of like mind. Quite a contrast to the tolerance shown now where you can even bring a gun to a protest rally.

  14. Cris says:

    My dear trev,
    you don’t have a clue who I listem to so don’t assume you do, cap and trade is a joke, just another ploy by our gov. to tax us into the poorhouse, global warming is a hoax that is being used for that purpose. Oh yes, our pres is so environmental…. not . It’s not ok to drill for oil in U.S. waters but let’s send money to Brazil and pay them to drill.

    As far as the healthcare debate, the last thing we need is for the gov’t to run it, look what has happened with everything else they touch…… social security, medicare etc. BTW, spending money you don’t have is no way to get out of debt, reducing spending is the way.

    The housing crisis was caused primarily by the gov’t pushing the lenders to give loans to unqualified borrowers, the same people we are bailing out……. I don’t listen to Limbaugh. So yes deadbeats do share in the blame as well as our gov’t . I bet you listen to Katey Couric.

    His voting record on abortion is public record, he opposed the ban on partial birth abortion as well as legislation protecting born-alive failed abortions.

    Maybe you should check out the nra website, if Obama was a champion for gun owner rights they would be supportive of him but they aren’t, where are you getting your information. His voting on gun legislation also speaks for itself.

    Obama jumped the gun without infomation, all Gates had to do was show his id to the officer instead of getting irate and acting like an idiot, the officer according to the multiple news reports I’ve read was just doing his job.

    “People like you” bla bla bla, I’m actually for legalizing the constitution, if Obama and the current administration have their way our constitution will be thrown out the window, maybe you should see him for who he really is, check out his connections, Bill Ayers, his affiliation with ACORN and of course his connection with the racist Jerimiah Wright.

  15. Dan says:

    Wow, and I thought my comment above on threatening the President would have raised some arguments… Freedom of Speech and all that. Hey I just had a thought. Come 2012 the President gets voted out of office so the next one in office does stuff no one likes and complains about it. I think about an old adage I use to use. You have 30 people working for you. Everyone only works 1 day and gets 29 days off. I bet the one day most of those folks have to work they would want off since they have something they NEED to do that could not be done on one of their 29 days off.

    Anyway, public opinion is so fun to read and listen too.

  16. This is an issue of how to deal with domestic terrorists.

    When the left disagrees, we march, picket, strike. When the right disagrees, they blow up buildings and kill people, Look what’s happened in the last 40 years. The nation has been dragged to the far right by an unholy alliance between business and our elected officials. They don’t work for us any more, they work for corporations.

    I think it’s hilarious when I read people say that Obama is a leftist, socialist, or whatever. (Sometimes it’s truly hysterical when they say “fascist socialist” or some other combination that doesn’t work. I think they think that if you combine two “bad” names it makes it twice as bad, LOL!) Obama is a center right politician, and most of the Democratic Party is center right. Glenn Beck even tweeted last night that his enemy wasn’t the Democrat Party, it’s those “leftists”. LOL.

    So why do we tolerate right wing terrorists at town hall meetings, family planning clinics, and on the House floor? We’re supposed to have a big tent in this nation, but some of you wingnuts better tone it down. We are patient but our patience is not unlimited.


  17. Shawn says:

    Cris …Do you make more than 250,000 dollars? If so yes, our taxes will go up. President Obama gave 95% of Americans a Tax-cut *thouse making 250,000 dollars or less. I make more than that amount and accept the hike in my taxes to help the less fortunate (WWJD). Bush entered with a with a surplus. His Tax cuts (Un-paid/made the debt bigger) If we go back to the tax rate under Clinton would be best for all *for that matter repeal the Reagon Tax cuts). Bush’s illegal war , (More than a trillion dollars) is a big reason we are in this. And the Repeal of the Glass-Stegal Act has a lot to do with the financial collapse. As far as healthcare…You have Mega Profit insurance companies deciding who lives or dies without any restraint. Millions of Americans go bankrupt every year from the rape and pillage of the American people by greedy for profit insurance companies. Pre-existing conditions can be as small as a knee injury from when you were 8 to mental disorder. Millions go without healthcare, while the CEO’s of these companies make thousand’s of dollars an hour at the expsense of everyone. As far as Abortion, President Obama didn’t make it legal (Roe v Wade) did…beside you say no govt involvement in health care, but your involved in a womans health care when you say abortion is murder and not a medical issue. Partial birth aboortions are always provided when the womans lifes is in danger. Women don’t wake up in late pregnancy and say “I want to abort the baby”. Want to reduce abortions: Make adoption easier and FREE, give birth control to teenagers and young adults, and make healthcare non-profit. Most early abortions are because the person has and un-wanted pregnancy and can’t afford to have a child. Plus, what happens when the child is born: You don’t want to pay for healthcare, education, or anything that will benefit the child in the long run. Not sure where you get your information from…can you share your sources. All your points seem to be talking points and right-wing radical religious radio speak…which are tools of the corporate oligarchy that run the country. We are allowing our country to be taken over by religious zealots who are being used by the corporate interest who controll the politicans to begin with. How can anyone call themselves a “Christian” and doesn’t want help the “least of thee”. Hell’s fire will be eternal for these don’t have to be a pastor to know that!

  18. Cris says:

    Shawn, cap and trade will affect pretty much everyone regardless of income and is intended to bankrupt the coal industry putting countless coal workers out of work, so much for tax cuts and increasing employment.
    beside you say no govt involvement in health care, but your involved in a womans health care when you say abortion is murder and not a medical issue.”
    We are all involved, only 2 sides to this issue those for and those against. I am against my tax dollars paying for murder. Obama didn’t make it legal but wants to lift restrictions.
    “You don’t want to pay for healthcare, education, or anything that will benefit the child in the long run.” Huh?? Taxpayers have been paying for all these things already, what do you think medicare, medical, ssi is? My property taxes pay for schools and education. All I’m saying is that I don’t need to pay anymore than I am already paying, the burden for socialized healthcare is going to fall primarily on those who are already paying taxes and already have insurance.
    “Where do you get your information from? Right wing religious zealots? ”
    If you pay any attention at all, Christianity has no power in this country, islam is the one being protected. So the one thing a right wing religious zealot fails to be is a Christian.
    “How can anyone call themselves a “Christian” and doesn’t want help the “least of thee”. Hell’s fire will be eternal for these individuals.
    Amen, don’t forget the “least of these” includes those who cannot defend themselves, primarily the unborn! So it sounds to me that hellfire will include you and that fool Obama and every other pro abortion nut.

  19. Dean Smith says:

    No one who espouses this kind of narrow, hate-filled rhetoric be considered as a follower of Christ – NO ONE.

  20. frank burns says:

    Christians have to make up their mids — does God exist and have power, or not? If so, this guy should already be locked up for colluding for the death of the president. plain and simple.

  21. frank burns says:

    You ask why I say “colluding”? Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it. He himself says that he is communicating (prayer) to a power, asking for the death of the president. Is that real, or not? If real, he is colluding for the death of the president. Even if not real, he is inciting his “sheep” to do the job themselves. One can only feel sorry for those sheep — but sorry sorts or not, they are HIGHLY dangerous.

  22. frank burns says:

    Dear Dean Smith — “No one” espouses this…” What a laugh. Do you know how many misled religious right there are out there? All getting fleeced for their tithes, while being filled with hate, and basically stripped of real spirtuality?

  23. Donna says:

    I would like to advise anyone trying to inform Cris, they need to read “The Authoritarians”. Very informative and well studied about this personality type.

  24. Jim says:

    During the campaign, Barack Obama said ( concerning an unwanted pregnancy ) that if his daughters made a MISTAKE and got pregnant, he wouldn’t want them punished for the mistake. In other words, an unborn baby is a mistake. This comment upset alot of people who believed that unborn children are actually human beings and not MISTAKES.

  25. Lee says:

    Make a list of all those making threats. Water-board them at Gitmo – to get more information on potential threats to our president.

  26. Sum Yung Gai says:

    This pastor should be arrested. I’m no fan of Obama now, and I was definitely no fan of Bush/Cheney before.

    When Bush/Cheney were in office, I never would’ve said anything like what this pastor said about them, and they really went out of line on several occasions. Now, I did say (and still believe) that they should’ve been impeached and tried in the Senate for some of the stuff that they did, as provided for in the Constitution. But that’s legal process, not an advocation for their murder!

    This pastor should be tossed in jail.


  27. dobropet says:

    I’d rather be waterboarding!

  28. dobropet says:

    But didn’t Pelosi take impeachement OFF the table during the Bush/Cheney era when it was proposed?

  29. dobropet says:

    And healthcare reform is nowhere listed within the constitution as being one of the rights that congress or the president has to regulate.

  30. Cris says:

    John on August 29 said: “How can any American in their right mind support somebody carrying an assault rifle to a Presidential appearance? ”
    Here’s a response……

  31. Ellie says:

    This Baptist minister calls himself a Christian? (Maybe he doesn’t.) If he is we all are in big trouble. How can anyone justify saying such a thing in the name of the Christ who was so forgiving? WOW. Glad I don’t consider myself a Christian anymore. I prefer to follow the preachings of Jesus: Love thy neighbor, etc.

    We don’t have to blameany political person. We need to get rid of such “Christian” ministers.

  32. marta kaye says:

    If one was a true Christian they would not wish harm to another, or even suggest it, and the ones whom listen to such a person are far from Christians also. This type of suppose to be Christians, are the same type that backed Hitler in Nazi Germany, and also ranted and raved like Palin and the town hall rednecks .

  33. GrannieAnnie says:

    This so-called pastor is not a “man of god”. He has forsaken the ten commandments and “The Golden Rule”.
    How can there be any question that he is wrong?
    AFTER elections, citizens live with whomever was elected. We did not like the Cheney (oh, yeah, it was really Bush who was “president”, right?) administration’s attitudes, beliefs, and tactics.
    HOWEVER, we always respect the office of the president of our nation.
    Anyone who wishes death to the President of the U.S. of A. wishes death to our Nation. This so-called “pastor” is clearly out of control when he incites parishioners/followers to kill.
    There are many factors involved, and racism is not the least of them.
    People who pray better pray for the safety of all, and resurrection of love, not hate.

  34. Helen says:

    This is nothing but racial plotting. Do these people realize that anything happen

    to President Obama, that you will have a war here in the United States. People are not like we were in the 50’s or 60’s. You see what happen Rev.King was killed. People need learn to respect the President of the United States.

  35. Mateo says:

    The man with the gun was on the PRO HEALTHCARE SIDE! He was talking about if politicians didn’t pass the healthcare reform he would resort to violent means. Nut surprise of all surprises CNN lies through their teeth.

  36. Mike Wilson says:

    I to am glad I don’t concider myself a (Christian) any longer, I am a child of God.
    Many people have really reeked havoc on the name of Christ, is it any wonder that the churchs are a joke.
    It seems as though the majority of right wing, conservative, whites hate everybody blacks,hispanics ,jews,asian and yet they scream Christ the loudest.
    for shame for shame

  37. 130iqman says:

    This is why i dont belong to any religious affiliations. That and because I have heard many instances of Christan families denying their children to view movies such as Harry Potter or Twilight because they have supposed, albeit ludicrous and illogical nonsense, linking to the devil. And the people blindly follow what the church tell them to do. Little more then sheep, as someone else mentioned up there.

    But pertaining to the original article, this Priest should be forced to do one of the following:

    1. Publicly apologize
    2. Give up his practice
    3. Have some form of sanction placed on him

    Free speech is one thing, but making a threat on the life of another is something else, even more so if it is a President.

    The reason he should be forced to do something such as those afore mentioned points is Priests are often, to religous followers, to be guides and people whom can be looked up to and followed by example.

    They have more influence over people then any media group.

    It does not matter if he/she does not agree with what the President is doing, it is fine to debate his or, evenutally, her actions; but making death threats is unbecoming of a holy person.

    “Thou shall not kill” rings a bell, maybe a bell that this Priest has lost, or long forgotten about.

    I am severely disgusted with this Priest and all of the others that are sending in these death threats. We have too much on our collective plates at the moment what with the economy, war’s in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Nuclear problems in N. Korea and Iran, and the political unrest in Pakistan and Israel.

    Though these are not something the normal Joe can attribute to, they should not put stress on those who do have the power to deal with these and the people that are tasked with protecting said people from groups that would otherwise not want these issues to be resolved.

    Why these Americans can not understand this is very much beyond me, it should be some what common sense, but then again, they saying goes, common sense is not all that common, and seems to be ever truer these days.

  38. Ed says:

    How can it be racism if it “have now risen by as much as 400 percent since his inauguration” Did the racist nutjobs just now figured out he is black? I don’t think that is it.

    If it is now 4 times what it was at inauguration and it is only now going far beyond anything the secret service had seen in the past, wouldn’t that argue that racism is not the motivating factor? Again, they knew he was black on inauguration day.

    However, I have no doubt that these crazies use racist language. They are pretty much by definition CRAZY if they are threatening the President.

    The increase since inauguration simply cannot be explained by race. We’ve known the color of his skin for a long time.

  39. james taylor says:

    obama was the worst thing for america he is like any other nigger finally gets money and blows it all even if its his or not in this case its americas money and we get to suffer for his mistakes. re elect bush kill obama. which i hope happens real soon so i can piss on his fucking grave.

  40. Alex Rosenburg says:

    Obama said he would lower taxes. They have already been raised. The cost of living has gone up as well. Also for you liberals praising Obama just remember, he is Half-WHITE. So you can stop with the “Republicans are all racist’s and Anti-Americans.” Also I can assure you there we’re much more death threats when Bush was president. So I guess that makes all Liberals Anti-Americans. Its you’re logic. Do what you want with it.

  41. MineTruly says:

    What really disgusts me is that most of these threats probably come from racists who don’t want to see a black president. I had thought America had grown past this stage of such detestable bigotry. If Obama was white, he wouldn’t be getting 400 percent more threats than any other president. Just look at James Taylor’s comment.

    And no, I’m not saying that “Republicans are all racist” or anything like that. I’m saying only that racists exist. A lot of them. More than I’d expect to see in a country that seems so advanced. And I wish there was some way to get them to grow up, get psychological help, and become productive members of society.

  42. Edwin says:

    This is an abomination. How can a supposely man of God spew this type of hatred for one of God’s children. He should be throw out of the pulpit. He has no business leading people. I just hope his influence is not widespread.

  43. Sonia says:

    If someone assassinated this traitorous, narcissistic, divisive, America hating, Muslim imposter, who call himself the president, I would shout hallelujah to high heaven! He does nothing to try to mend the divide in this country, but by his actions, encourages factions. He intentionally puts American citizens in harms way, just so his party can win a majority to support his ideological goals of moving us to a one world government. He allows foreigners to invade and rather than obey the Constituion, he circumvents it. He is allowing the UN to remove the sovereignty of the United States. I do not have an ounce of respect for this man, and yes, so help me God, I do hate him, unlike I have ever hated anyone in my whole life. Barack Obama is evil and he is dangerous. While I fear God enough to not rebel against the authorities, I have asked God to remove Him for the sake of the country, to save it from the tyranny of foreigners and Muslims. I would be jubilant to see Obama dead, God help me!

  44. majorshadow says:

    We must make a stand against the lies, and keep our heads held high. .. Click to hear the song “Stand”; click on or visit URL:

  45. Dorris says:

    I say take Michelle with him,She is just as bad as he is.
    She is also making hate remarks agains AMERICA. I have it on film of a lot of disrespect for our flag and how silly she thinks American are for saluteing the flag.

  46. char from denver says:

    At this time of negative advertisements, tragedy in our neighborhood, and a need for healing in our nation and world, I want to see positive messages, be they by news media, conversations, or Internet. I rarely watch TV or read the newspaper, or enj
    oy negative messages by other means. With the unrest in the world and the search for power and righteousness and the tragedy in Colorado, I believe we need to seek the energy of love and compassion to support the healing.
    Everyone has the the right to their opinion and position on religion, world and political matters. However, I believe each of us has the duty to promote a positive environment and to respect the religious and governing bodies of our nation. Whether one is “right” ,”left” “up” or “down”, liberal or conservative or affiliated with a certain political party, a respect is appropriate for those who put their lives and dedication before us. Me, I going to support whomever is willing to try to make our lives a safe and healthier place, for us and our off spring.
    Bottom line, join me in using the value of positive thinking and creating a healthy attitude among our family, friends and others we communicate.
    With God’s grace and love,

  47. char from denver says:

    How very sad that most of you live with such hate in your hearts. Life must be very hard for you. I wake up every day, love life, experience joy all day, have a zillion friends and thank God for the blessings I am experiencing. i CHOOSE to make everyday a MASTERPIECE. Wonder what make the difference between those of you who live in such hate and my life.

  48. char says:

    Your hate comments say so much more about YOU than it does our president or anyone else. A preacher who preaches such hate is not in touch with God… he is about himself and needs to be working in a office with no humans.

  49. O’muslim should treated as he has and continues to tteat the horses of this country he has ordered them all dlaughtered at the cost of the taxpayers. By Mexican slaughterhouses where they cut them up alive, even the baby horses, he is the worst human being this country hsd ever seen, he should be shipped to a mexican slaughter house and slaughtered the same way……

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