Glenn Beck Complains About Non-Fox Media’s Non-Coverage Of ACORN Scandal

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4 Responses for “Glenn Beck Complains About Non-Fox Media’s Non-Coverage Of ACORN Scandal”

  1. Torrie says:

    Mainstream media sucks. I only watch FOX NEWS. I may not agree with everything, but I get all the news, not just part of it. Plus, I don’t get the liberal twist. Example: Robin Roberts of ABC asking Obama his opinions about how Glenn Beck went after Van Jones instead of inquiring about Jones’ character and why he was allowed in the White House. Liberal slanted news makes our brains sick.

  2. JESSICA says:

    i dont like biased news either, but. i do like to hear BOTH sides of a story. And from two unbiased partties. I want the truth, not someones opinion. BORN AGAIN.

  3. J DAVIS says:

    Glenn Beck is just another wimpy right wing whiner. His hatred for Obama and the United States is limitless and his followers tend to be paranoid morons.

  4. Lynn G says:

    Fox new is the most slanted, racist new network out here. They didn’t even carry OUR PRESIDENT’S HEALTH CARE SPEECH. We don’t need them to decide what we and our children can hear and see.

    The total disrespect is mind bending. Sean is so full of hate and I can see why Alan left the show. Glen Beck is just a fool that can’t get the facts straight if his mother’s life depended on it. He is not even worth discussing.

    Read more people and get all the facts.

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