Americans Respond to Obama’s Speech On Healthcare Reform

This short film offers varied responses to President Obama’s speech earlier this week on the urgent need for healthcare reform. It was produced by Lyn Goldfarb, an Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker, in association with Ramblin’ Man Films, a web studio founded by filmmaker and political and social issues junkie Dustin Slaughter.

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2 Responses for “Americans Respond to Obama’s Speech On Healthcare Reform”

  1. SP Biloxi says:

    Great video. It is my hope that we have healthcare bill for affordable healthcare for all to pass this year. On a side note: Rep. Joe Wilson voted to provide taxpayer money for illegal immigrants’ healthcare . Wilson voted yes on this bill.

  2. S. Squirrel says:

    The “change” is to take healthcare away from private for-profit corporations. Health is not a commodity. It is sad that we are talking only about a public option — that seems to me already a betrayal by Obama of his campaign rhetoric. But without at least a public option, there is no “change” in the healthcare system.

    It is far better to pass nothing and come at this problem again, fresh, when the crisis deepens and political will is prodded back into action — than to pass a watered down bill that only tinkers with the knobs and includes no real reform. This is a one-chance deal, this was the opportunity for change. What you get is all that you will get — there will be no political will to take up this fight again and improve it later. If a Democratic president with a Democratic majority cannot overcome the drug and insurance industry money now, why do you think they will be able to return and wring more concessions later?

    Public option or nothing. The rest is CYA.

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