Baucus’ Excuse For Voting Against Public Option In Healthcare Reform Bill

Senate Finance Committee chairman Max Baucus’ statement in the markup meeting before he voted against the Rockefeller amendment to add public option to the healthcare bill.

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2 Responses for “Baucus’ Excuse For Voting Against Public Option In Healthcare Reform Bill”

  1. SP Biloxi says:

    Baucus and other lawmakers are in bed with the healthcare industries and big companies. Lining their pockets first before the American people. Did you know that ex-WellPoint exec helped write health-care reform bill? The ex-WellPoint exec became Senior counsel to the chairman for Baucus’ influential Senate Finance Committee.

    We certainly will not hear this piece of information on the news.

  2. Bill Watts says:

    Gop are scaring our senior citizens by lieing to them. I am a senior and they can not scare me, because I know the truth. Gop do not what health care reform for the american people because they get big money from the insurance companies to vote aginst any reform. If the Politicans voted against the public option by saying that it is a government run insurance, then why don’t they give up the insurance because it is govenment run insurance.

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