Hey Rep. Boehner! I’m An American, And I Support A Public Option

On Oct 1, House Minority Leader John Boehner told reporters, “I’m still trying to find the first American to talk to who’s in favor of the public option, other than a member of Congress or the administration… I’ve not talked to one, and I get to a lot of places and I’ve not had anyone come up to me — I know I’m inviting it — and lobby for the public option.”

Well, some of Mr. Boehner’s constituents decided to take him up on his offer and rally outside his district office in West Chester, Ohio, delivering over 1,800 signatures of people in his district who support a public option.

This video report was produced by New Left Media’s Chase Whiteside, who conducted the interviews, and camera operator Erick Stoll.

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44 Responses for “Hey Rep. Boehner! I’m An American, And I Support A Public Option”

  1. Marvin says:

    Rep. Boner is a true idiot. He really exposed himself as being completely out of touch with the American people with this one.

  2. Debbie Load says:

    If he was at all in touch with his constituency he would have avoided this egg on his face. Don’t forget who you work for Mr. Boehner (no it’s not Sally Mae).

  3. SP Biloxi says:

    Boner is an idiot. Majority of Americans want public option and he know it. Boner is just playing politics and putting his party first before the people. Rep. Grayson was right by calling out the Party of No. They are knuckle dragging neanderthals.

  4. James says:

    The BEST PART was at 5:50, the interview with the teabagger.

  5. web says:

    "No, my opinion doesnt need to be based on facts!" Gotta wait until the end of the video for this little gem.

  6. web says:

    while we are at it, why not call out that other senator on his bullshit that "ALL Republicans want ALL Americans to DIE FASTER"

  7. Schnauzermom says:

    He might be able to hear better if he’d pull his head out of his ass.

  8. Schnauzermom says:

    And yes, I called his Washington office and told his staffer to tell him that.

  9. Kurt says:

    He’s just lying. He’s just trying to make a majority look like a minority. Ohio needs to ditch this fucker.

  10. trog69 says:

    This is the second video featuring Mr. Chase Whiteside as he conducts interviews that I’ve watched, and I gotta tell ya, I look forward to more of his work. Smart, good-looking, quick rebuttals that are meaningful without being mean.

    He and Max Blumenthal are two rising stars that I hope will be given a lot more cross-media exposure.

    Sorry for the threadjack, but hey, Boehnor’s lack of candor is something that has been promoted to theory status, as the hypotheses all point in that direction. Color me unsurprised. Fortunately, a lot of Right-wingers can’t stand the sight of his tanned face, if for no other reason, the fact that he’s a terrible liar; Like this instance, no one buys it ’cause it’s too ridiculous. C’mon-if you’re gonna be a corporate shill, at least be a good one.

  11. Phuck Obama says:

    Obama and the idiot Dems should all be tossed out. Boehnor’s correct…the only one’s who support this pile of crap are the idiots who would rather pay for a cell phone but not step up to the plate and pay for their own insurance. Screw Obama, Phuck Obama…To Hell with Obama.

  12. trog69 says:

    “…the only one’s who support this pile of crap…”

    So you admit that Boehnor lied. Please, continue with your reasoned discourse.

  13. JohnJ says:

    “…the only one’s who support this pile of crap are the idiots who would rather pay for a cell phone…”

    You’re right, choosing between paying for food or medicine. What a bunch of whiners.

  14. JOhnny MAc says:

    Oh wow, I think you might be onto something here!


  15. bill says:

    Wow the last part of the video speaks loudly. 5:50
    I agree with James.

  16. fathead9-3 says:

    Boner is an idiot. I know the neighborhood he lives in and if it wasn’t for the fact of it being a gated community (imagine that!), I’d take my personal opinion to his front door along with hundreds of others that support this option. Let him meet us in person. Boner has been out of touch with his constituents for years. Of the few times I’ve wrote to him on matters of the country, all I’ve received back is a form letter with a bunch of bloated statements proving that he is out to please his party, not his people.
    @Phuck Obama: So you’re still confirming that Boner is a liar? I support public option. I own my car, I pay my cell phone bill every month, and guess what? I pay for my own health insurance! It’s because of people like you that when a 6yr old girl (friend of mine’s niece) got mauled by a dog and had to have $30k in reconstructive surgery to her face, her mother is having to rely on the rest of the family to pay for the bills because her job doesn’t offer insurance. But I forget, in your eyes, this little girl is a drain on society and isn’t worth the tax dollars to help her have a face again. God forbid that her mother have a public option for insurance so her daughter can have a face and not spend the next 10 years paying on medical bills.

  17. JBH says:

    @Phuck Obama

    That’s a nice little opinion you’ve got there. Do you have any data to support it?

  18. JasonHouTX says:

    @Phuck Obama

    Paying a cell phone bill is a tad bit different than a $1000 per month insurance bill or being forced into bankruptcy over being sick. Start thinking man, don’t just follow the blind.

  19. Ronirv says:

    There is an ariticle in the Middletown Journal today about the event which we all attended on Monday. I suggest you read it and see who John Boehner is really working for!!! Further more I do pay for my own insurance but that makes me one of the fortunate ones (for now) unlike the thousands who can not afford to. 45,000 Americans die every year because of either no insurance (which they cannot afford) or lack of proper medical care because of insurance reasons. This is not tolerable in our great country!!! Facts are used to form opions When opions are formed with out facts the only conclusion is they just do not care or hatered.

  20. Corpprofits says:

    A$$clowns like phuckobama are more than likely low skilled, low intelligence, low self esteem and NEED to be told what to say and do by their party, the party of NO and BITE US CUZ WE DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU!! Idiots should not ever be allowed to vote or breed!

  21. Will says:

    I think we should all start drinking garlic milkshakes.

  22. moebius8 says:

    Of course Mr.PO doesnt have any facts hes an idiot and so doesnt need any to feel his opinion is the only possible one.
    Hopefully he will do something Darwin would approve of and improve the gene pool.

  23. biggamej86 says:

    that teabagger clearly didn’t join the debate team or went to college.

  24. JB says:

    I attended this rally and it was such a contrast to all the tea bag rallies – polite, knowledgeable people engaged in the issue. Great video too!

  25. Soldier Cynic says:

    Hey, Rep Boehner! I’m An American, And I Support A Public Option.

    I’m also a career Soldier on his third tour in Iraq.

  26. mike says:

    well im just a small guy but everyone i talk too wants a public option.

  27. Should have thought that statement through a little more Mr. Boehner. Your family must be living really nice up there in Cincinnati during this recession. I hope you are not re-elected, sir.

  28. kingwallop says:

    1,800 is nothing
    there was more people in my graduating class

  29. greybees says:

    When Boehner talks as he does he should be wearing a Ronald McDonald outfit. Is he the best the GOP can offer? Having him as a leader just shows that the Party does not have a clue or, indeed, an interest in fixing the gigantic messes left by Bush Jr.. You can’t be violently anti-Everything and be taken seriously by any voter with a brain. Former GOP leaders like Frist and Dole, in retrospect, look like intelligent and competent leaders of their party.

  30. Rich Irwin says:

    Question: “Shouldn’t your opinion be based on facts?”
    Answer: “No. Your opinion doesn’t have to be based on facts.”
    Response: “Thank you sir.”

    So funny.

  31. Rich Irwin says:

    kingwallop says:
    1,800 is nothing
    there was more people in my graduating class

    It is more than one.

    And “there WERE more people in my graduating class.” But then it’s not a surprise that you got that wrong as well.

  32. Business owner says:

    Its funny all these people for regulating the insurance industry and they are the ones writing this bill!!! wake up!

  33. starryann2000 says:

    Hello do not know about him but here is something interesting that affects everyone. Saw this on C-span which is really informative if you want to see what your congressmen and senators are doing. They say medicare will be bankrupt within seven years and they will get part of the money they need for the new program from medicare advantage which is the supplemental part of the program to cover what medicare doesn’t cover. They also had the IRS or internal revenue head testifying that if they leave the law as now written his office would go after you to the full extent provided by law if you did not pay your fine for not having health insurance. In other words they will fine you for not getting health insurance and if you can not afford to pay that fine then the IRS can prosecute you as it now stands. Here is another interesting bit that I heard they do not read many of the bills they pass and many that they do try to read they are given less hours than required to do it or the reading is waived. Shouldn’t they be required to read everything in a bill before it is passed since it affects many lives. This is happening on all bills not just health care. Here is the kicker if they can not manage social security and medicare and regulation of the stock market how can they hope to deal with healthcare and make it work short answer they can’t

  34. starryann2000 says:

    To get a good feel for the issue you bring up and all others check out C-Span it is a real eye opener as you are listening directly to the debate, you are right in the senate or congress and can here all that is happening. another good place to check out is open they are a non profit watch dog group and they have a listing of all the senators and congressmen who get lobbyists money and wouldn’t you know that Backus and many others are getting lobbyist money from the health care industry talk about conflict of interest. Hope many of you guys will check this out as will give you another perspective as my teacher used to say nothing in life is free and in the end whatever they do we will be the one’s who pay for it one way or another.

  35. starryann2000 says:

    what happened to good old fashioned common sense instead of trying to throw everything out why don’t they just fix the part that is wrong and leave what works. How about if they made a college education free so doctors didn’t have to pay so much to become doctors, how about getting drug costs down and frivolous lawsuits, and building costs if they did all this maybe doctors could afford to charge less. lots of questions but one’s that need asking. If they get a public option how much red tape will people have to go through to get it and how many will fall through the cracks, they already have Medicaid which covers some but they have problems with that even. You can bet if government gets involved in anything it won’t come out the way they say.

  36. dobropet says:

    The “public option”, how will this be funded?

  37. redsnow says:

    dobropet, it will be funded just like any other kind of insurance: a large pool of people will pay insurance premiums into the fund, which will invest the money. Claims will be paid from the fund. The public plan will likely also use some of its money to purchase re-insurance i.e. it can even insure itself against major losses. This has the effect of putting all the separate plan pools into a few much larger pools to spread the risk.

    The major reason for having a public plan option will be to create an alternative to the profit-seeking private plans so it can run on somewhat different rules as decided by the government, hopefully for the greater good of the people! Covering pre-existing conditions, not cutting off care from individuals when their medical bills become too great, spending less of its revenue on advertising and huge executive compensations and more on people’s health care.

  38. dobropet says:

    i.e., taxes?

  39. redsnow says:

    Not taxes, but people like you and me paying insurance premiums into an insurance plan and then claiming for covered healthcare expenses when necessary.

  40. dobropet says:

    I already have insurance. Why would I need to pay for another insurance plan?

    And how did you come about the “profit-seeking private plans” lingo? Isn’t that what private enterprise is supposed to be about? Is this not a profit driven economy?

    Invest? Isn’t that what the I.R.S. does, and yet to date I have not seen any indication of how my tax dollars were spent or used to help fund this bureacracy. From my view, taxes are used to fund programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, correct? The only possible way this reform would get funding is through taxation. Government has no weatlh, the federal reserve does. If those programs are not enough for the people who use them how will more taxation solve an already exacerbated problem?

  41. redsnow says:

    If you already have insurance, there’s no reason at all for you to take out a second policy. But for people who are unemployed, unemployable, or whose employer does not offer health insurance, a public plan could provide them with adequate health insurance at affordable rates. That’s what I’m hoping for, anyway!

    Private enterprise is a powerful and useful force in society, and indeed it is the basis of the American economy, and almost every other country’s economy. However it isn’t the one-size-fits-all answer to every question. In the case of health insurance, the problems arising from profit-seeking private corporations include (a) denying coverage for pre-existing conditions, (b) unfairly denying coverage for valid claims by policyholders as a way of reducing their outlays (c) cancelling policies of customers who start costing them too much when they fall ill. I am strongly hoping that a public plan option, along with the rest of the reforms, will help us to address these problems.

  42. dobropet says:

    Where are the statistics showing that (a) denying coverage for pre-existing conditions is based solely by profit-seeking private insurance and not any other mechanism the government has already placed upon these insurers, or the policy being implemented by way of the government. (b) unfairly denying coverage for valid claims by policyholders as a way of reducing their outlays because of government restrictions upon the market which remove the profits of government officials when coverage is accepted. (c) cancelling policies of customers who start costing them too much when they fall ill when government protections disallow private insurers the profits they seek due to revenue losses on the government side:

    “Obama assures us that this is not government-run healthcare, that this is not a single-payer system, that the only consequence to these reforms is that healthcare will cost less and that anybody who denies this is misleading or does not understand the facts. Without his reform, he insists, costs will grow unsustainably, which will threaten reimbursements and the stability of the healthcare system.

    Unfortunately, since Obama uses faulty logic to diagnose the problem, his solutions will only make matters worse faster. The correct framework within which to diagnose the problem is to admit that costs are out of control because they do not reflect prices created by the voluntary exchange between patients and providers, between customers and producers, like every well-functioning industry. -Gabriel E. Vidal”

    :to expand upon this broken system through circumventing of the previous model nothing can be attained which benefits society in such that the former model had been any more successful.

  43. John W Ross says:

    To those of you who think the “Public Option” is good.–You do not understand that the public option will bankrupt the country more than it already is. This health care bill CANNOT be paid for. It is being done for control over the American people and that is all. Taxes will keep going up with the presently proposed H care. –There will never be free health care for all. The only thing that will work is free competiion across state lines.–All people should read the web site and receive the truth about this. Obama is nothing but a Facist. Read a good history book and you will find out where we are headed. Ask countries where they have Socialist H care. Our system in America is the best in the world. Compettion across State lines and Tort reform is the only way to go.–Insurance companies only profit about 2-3 percent. — Honestly consider what Heritage has to say before passing judgement.

  44. Joe Dene says:

    hey john, i always hear you and your fellow republician co-workers start you statements with “what the american people want”
    can you tell me what segment of the american people you are talking about it would interest me to know .Because i’m an American and i have not talk to you or any other republican member of congress or the senate help me please.

    oh by the way where were you and your co-workers when W WAS DRIVING THE COUNTRY INTO THE OCEAN

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