‘Blue Cross Is Telling A Lie’

Twelve people were arrested in an act of civil disobedience in front of Blue Cross headquarters in downtown Los Angeles earlier this week. One of the organizers, Sam Pullen, 31, refused to give information to police, vowing to stay in jail until Blue Cross stops denying care to those who need it most.

The demonstration “Patients before Profits” is supported by Mobilization for Health Care for All, which coordinated sit-ins in nine cities where 54 people were arrested.

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5 Responses for “‘Blue Cross Is Telling A Lie’”

  1. This is an example of misguided and misdirected anger, in my opinion. Blue Cross is a for-profit company. If they choose to set a policy that leads to the denial of coverage in circumstances like these, than their customers should choose a different health insurance provide. For-profit insurance companies are in the business of taking in more money than what they pay out – that is the basic operating principal of the entire insurance industry.

    To single out one company seems unfair and disingenuous to me.

    Blue Cross of CA is not a charity. Their board of directors has a fiduciary duty to be profitable, not compassionate or caring or generous. If Sam Pullen were serious about this fight, he should be targeting the very existence of the health insurance industry – and fighting to make health care (not health insurance) a basic right of all US citizens.

  2. Reform Health Care says:

    I see your point, though I do wonder if this is a smart tactic to try to point out, as you do, that the problem is a lack of a universal health care system. While clearly the profit motive will drive Blue Cross to pursue yearly earning, because it is a private, it lacks transparency. I don’t know that a public option would be more efficient, but it would at least be more accountable. Strangely, other countries that have public systems spend far less on health care and profit margins are not as much of the forumula. In any case, I do think BC has some sketchy policies that have denied people proper treatment and lead to deaths because treatment would have been too expensive for their bottom line. I guess that would be equivalent to the ‘death panel’ scenario that so many have talked about. I think its time that we had a civil discussion about health care. Not sure if civil disobience is the best start, but the do have a strong point.

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  4. saywhatagain says:

    @Jason Buberel

    “… their customers should choose a different health insurance provide.”

    was that meant to be sarcastic? In the US, the employer chooses your health care provider. It is not up to each citizen to choose which health care provider they have.

  5. supporter says:

    I’d love to join in on these demonstrations, but alas I’m old and feeble. I am on Medicare B and D coverage from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon. I can tell you this —

    my premiums for 2010 are going up 19%
    my copayments are going up 150%
    The deductibles are being raised and new deductibles have appeared.

    Drug copays in tiers 2 -6 are going up substantially and as much as 33%.

    My money comes soley from Social Security Disability. I am not getting any cost of living increase this year, as opposed to the meager 1-2% average I got for the last 15 years.

    I am going to discontinue my health care coverage. I have, after 15 years, reached the point where i have to choose between medicines and groceries EVEN THOUGH I HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE. I choose to die instead of give money to the insurance companies and keep them in power.

    You kids have a lot on your plate. I encourage you strongly to stand up and fight for what is right — affordable health care. Do this for yourselves, your kids and your grandkids. YOU DON’T NEED INSURANCE! YOU NEED LOWER PRICES! Insurance only adds to the cost of health care. Fight hard. Fight unrelentingly. Health care is a right, not a privilege.

    Fightfor short patents on medications. Fight for single payer, market driven prices. Fight for more doctors. Fight the AMA!

    I beleive that what I saw in this video is true courage and on target. Make your demands heard! FIGHT! Do not accept the status quo for it is very corrupt. DEMAND! Demand in every way you can! Do it now, or it might never happen! Raise your voices. Make yourselves unignorable by the media and Congress. Be persistant. Never give up. History is rarely made by those who follow the rules, and trust me, the aristocrats don’t follow them either.

    I expect to see more demonstrations, and certainly hope I do. Best wishes to those who have the strength and courage to fight for what is right. I only wish that I could do more.

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