U.S. Veterans Lobby Against Obama’s Plan To Deploy More Troops To Afghanistan

While most U.S. war veterans tend to be supportive of their country’s military operations abroad, some have been voicing their opposition to any escalation.

For weeks, Washington has been debating whether to send more troops to Afghanistan but a growing number of veterans are lobbying U.S. politicians against a new war strategy for Afghanistan that Barack Obama, the U.S. president, is expected to deliver on Tuesday.

While the budget for Obama’s military plan would need final approval from the U.S. congress, many veterans are hoping for an outcome that will cost fewer lives and mean fewer men going to war.

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2 Responses for “U.S. Veterans Lobby Against Obama’s Plan To Deploy More Troops To Afghanistan”

  1. hsr0601 says:

    The fate of America lies in the direction of money, namely, war or job. The existing economic crisis facing world might be a prelude to another great depression fueled by a wrong and irrevocable choice, from the previous object lessons.

  2. Jesse Hemingway says:

    Caviar anyone

    By: Jesse Hemingway


    The corruption of the American two party political systems is so rancid that the only people that can still breathe are the members of the fraudulent media getting paid to pimp it. The people going into the military now were 11 years old when 9/11 occurred how much longer can the United States government keep selling that line of bullshit? Do you really think the members of the United States military are idiots that they’re immune from recognizing our corrupt political system spare me? The only reason they had to join the United States Military is because they can’t get a descent job in the United States. So basic logic would indicate that they sure would not place their life on the line for that corrupt lost cause the good old USA; remember they are at ground zero of the corruption that is where they are forced to live for a year in Afghanistan or Iraq. Yes my beloved members of the military they get their faced rubbed in the corruption every day they know what it’s all about the oil or the pipeline.

    Our government is just as corrupt as the corporations using our military for their gains. Nothing manifests the pus-oozing corruption of the United States political system; then more recently, then the healthcare reform spectacle. Obama’s miracle, health care reform; to call that health care reform is no different then me telling you that caviar is created through the canine digestive system. The point I am getting at is this, if that is the best the elected representatives of the United States can achieve with respect to health care reform. Then our military should not have to go to Afghanistan or Iraq just say they went; let’s be real here for once; the job performance standards have been set by the elected representatives.

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