Tea Partiers Admit They Are Ignorant, Racist At DC Health Care Protest

On March 16, Tea Partiers from around the country gathered (in disappointing numbers) in front of the Capitol building for their final protest against health care reform. Also in town, appropriately, was Barnum & Bailey’s actual circus.

The protesters voiced their usual conspiratorial concerns about healthcare reform: that it was a government takeover and more government, of course, equals less freedom; that it would euthanize seniors too expensive to treat; and that the bill would sink the nation into irrecoverable debt, despite its actually reducing the deficit by more than $100-billion over the next 10 years. Averse to facts, no one interviewed was able to cite evidence for their false beliefs about the reform proposal, and instead suggested we seek the “truth” from Glenn Beck and Fox News.

This New Left Media film was produced and edited by Chase Whiteside (interviews) and Erick Stoll (camera).

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82 Responses for “Tea Partiers Admit They Are Ignorant, Racist At DC Health Care Protest”

  1. felkakarp says:

    Daryl, that article is from last August. There have been several revisions since then. Here’s something more current:
    “The long awaited analysis of the bill by the Congressional Budget Office was released today and predicts the legislation will reduce the deficit by $138 billion over ten years.”

  2. deaniac83 says:

    Wow, this is really good stuff. I hadn’t heard about your website before, but I am adding it to my daily read list now. Keep up the fantastic work!

  3. John says:

    While everyone is calling names.. you are ALL idiots. Left and right. Polarized by popular ideological “talking points” like abortion and gay rights – talking points that NEVER get resolved in any permanent nature because the two parties like it this way. The sheep on both sides too scared to vote outside the two parties because they are afraid that if they do, their party will lose on the talking points (that never get resolved), and so business goes on as usual… the two parties will never face a challenge because 90% of the people are sheep.

    Meanwhile, back in DC, the two parties are doing what the two parties do. GROW. They couldnt care less about the “talking points”, they simply know YOU care, and in your caring about those points, and demanding this and that of the US govt, you empower them to grow yet another year. And while youre focused on your talking points – theyre doing EXACTLY what politicians do bet – serve themselves quietly one hand while your attention is on the talking points in the other hand.

    The only good federal govt would be a diminishing one. Not healthcare, or abortion laws or abortion rights, or drug laws, or gay rights, or Christianity or removal thereof…. NOTHING.

    This nation is far too large in population and diverse in cultures and values for a one-size-fits-all government, and much more could be achieved for the people, by the people… and their state lawmakers, who much more closely represent their people.

  4. Disgusted American Veteran says:

    At 5:45 there’s a left over hippie on acid.
    I was back there at a time in ’68 & ’69 in the Haight.
    I think I saw him crashed in Golden Gate Park somewhere.
    These ignorant people spell it “hate”.

    At 8:15 there’s an escape from an Alzheimer’s clinic.

    At 8:45 is the looniest of all, “We’re brought up to think for ourselves”.
    At fox noise??!! Oh, of course.

    It is so absolutely apparent that, when asked for details, these easily led and conned fools can ONLY see de tails of the gop elephant.

    It is so very telling that their nostrils are elongated from the fingers inserted therein by the ones who see them as easy marks to be led to deliberately cause disruptions.
    It is good for my country that these types ARE failing in their anti-American attempts.
    Those who were interviewed are the types who attempt to send text messages on a dial phone.

  5. Disgusted American Veteran says:

    I finally found a link to where the tea partiers get thier facts;

    And, fox noise has a new official logo;

  6. AconcernedCanadian says:

    I have lot of right wing views, (for a Canadian) But I would be embarrassed if my government watched while millions of my citizens suffered without healthcare. Can you stats explain how the following countries are ratred to have better healthcare than the USA?
    Saudia Arabia
    South Korea
    (99% of Europre)
    New Zealand
    Oh and MAYBE with the execption of Cuba NONE o these countries ever performed mercy killings on expensive seniors (the rest of the world laughs at you guys when you briong up that ridiculous lie.)
    And thats not even the whole list…For the greatest country on earth the Republicans are certainly trying hard to stay at the bottom of the healthcare ranking.

  7. thatsright says:

    Before I go, I love sucking erections.

  8. unafraid says:

    There is certainly room for improvement in the area of health care in our Nation yet no one has addressed the area of personal accountability. There seems to be this outcry about the inability for the average working family or needy to be able to pay for adequate health care but how many of these same households have TVs, cell phones, game consoles, various manners of high tech gadgetry, cable, satellite TV, name brand clothing and shoes, luxury food items, cigarettes, etc. etc. There seems to be a prevailing attitude in our US culture that an awful lot of what should be considered luxuries or privileges are thought of as “what’s owed to them”. Why? There are those who are truly burdened by the cost of health care for their particular situation but the majority of Americans could probably sacrifice some their luxuries and afford basic health care. We are a large family of very modest means. We support our family with a small (5 employees, all family)business. We have a child with a chronic disease that needs regular medical and pharmaceutical attention. We have been through seasons without insurance. We have never been “turned away” when health care was needed. Hospitals, labs and pharmacies have always been willing to work with us. We have had to make sacrifices and choices. Of course it isn’t easy but it’s not horrible, its not wrong. It’s life and reality and accountability. We absolutely oppose the proposal of government; regardless of the party, taking any more control of the private sector of this nation. We see no benefit that could possibly be achieved by the Gov’t. overseeing health care. Common sense reform is attainable without government takeover. We must stand against these attempts to subtly usurp our liberties. It is not the answer.

  9. dobropet says:

    It’s funny “concernedcanadian” would be interested in what our healthcare system provides and does not provide to our citizens. Whatever statistics you gathered from your truly endless listing of medical history abound across the globe and subsequent analyzation comparing those stats must’ve been extremely exhausting once being throughly checked for accuracy.

    And I’d imagine my findings are completely irrelevant:

  10. EveryBreathTHEYtake. says:

    Great film!!
    Make a long version, say 90 minutes, and it’ll be a masterpiece.
    Nominate it for an Academy Award. It could win.
    Way to go!!

  11. Freewheelin Franklin says:

    @ Disgusted American Vet:

    If you’d gotten to the Haight a year earlier, you might have seen my op-ed-piece in the Berkeley Barb: “Ex-Hip Editor Free At Last.” A certain group of Haighties, who’d spent a year decrying the media-created concept of “hippie,” and adamantly proclaiming “hippies” didn’t really exist, decided to have a “Death of the Hippie” funeral procession down Haight Street.

    IOW, they wound up buying into the bullshit they’d been protesting all along.

    I thanked them for freeing me of something I wasn’t in the first place. The last line of my editorial: “Sometimes love isn’t all you need. Sometimes you need to think.”

    Isn’t it amazing that, 43 years later, an insane number of people in this country still buy into media bullshit and refuse to think for themselves? Or maybe the problem is they were never taught to think for themselves.

    Or maybe they’re just ignorant sheep and morons.

    Ignorance and moronic behavior are difficult things to bury, but I say we at least give it a try.

  12. I’d commend the reporter who spearheaded this news segment on the Tea Party protesters, but there is a glaring flow in his questioning. “What should we do about the 30,000,000 people who don’t have any form of health care?” A. It is closer to 45,000,000 and B. This bill does nothing to address those people but demand by law that they pay to be covered by a private health insurance company.

  13. Maxii says:

    What do you mean “disappointing numbers?” I am not disappointed.

  14. freckles429 says:

    It’s disturbing that so many of these people are on social security & medicare. What would they be saying if their health care was eliminated. They have not paid for it themselves. That’s why it is in so much financial distress right now. Baby boomers have. They have paid into the medicare system their entire working life. It will be quite a different story when it comes time to reap the benefits. The benefits will be gone. The people who make up this dissenting point of view are the same ones who grew up being told & believing that “duck & cover” in a nuclear catastrophe was going to save their lives. They are Stupid — with a capital S. Fox News is exploiting their ignorance. They should have their licensing revoked. This is too, too sad.

  15. dobropet says:

    Senate Budget Committee Ranking Member Judd Gregg’s statement-

    “Immediately after receiving the final reconciliation bill language, Senate Republican staff was ready and willing to meet with Senate Democratic staff and the Senate Parliamentarian to discuss the fact that the House reconciliation bill may be brought down by the 310(g) point of order in the Senate. Senate Democrats are mysteriously unavailable until after the House votes on the health care bill tonight. The Senate Democrats appear to be pushing off this meeting so that House Democrats will remain in the dark about what is likely to happen to the reconciliation bill on which many have staked their careers in Congress. House Democrats should be alarmed by this latest development, since the survival of the reconciliation bill is clearly at risk in the Senate.”

    Just for informative purposes only.

  16. thatsright says:

    Daryl, it’s truly amazing how leftists here and elsewhere lie through their teeth to get their way. I’m not looking at any “wrong sentence” but rather incorporating every fact of the health care bill and discounting the double-counts from Medicare that liberals so conveniently leave out.

    Bottom line, this bill will cost in excess of 2.5 trillion dollars (when you count the proper ten-year period as starting in 2014) and will increase the deficit by more than 200 billion over ten years and then in perpetuity.

    These are facts. Not a single idiot liberal on this thread can say otherwise and not be lying. They have to lie, because the numbers will never be in their favor.

    Also, God forbid this is still law in 2014, I can almost guarantee you that the deficit number will rise significantly every year thereafter. Numbers are stubborn things that liberals absolutely either a) despise or, b) lie about to make their proposals seem rational.

    Don’t be fooled. Use your common sense. You can’t ensure 30 million new people and save money. It’s impossible for your family and it’s impossible in a Country with 300+ million people.

    Imagine everything wrong with Canadian health care increased by a factor of 10. That’s where we’re headed.

    Again, these are indisputable facts. Every single liberal moron on this thread is lying. That, likewise, is a fact.

  17. let's look at the facts says:

    It’s interesting that when war spending is going through the roof none of these republicans stand up. But if there is a possibility of spending money on our own citizens, that is cause for outrage.

  18. ben says:

    Brawndo’s got electrolytes.

  19. SeaGail says:

    Canadians wouldn’t trade health care systems with us for any amount of money – they don’t have to fear getting ill and going bankrupt, or being dropped and dying, or just flat dying because they can’t GET health care.

    The government is NOT PAYING FOR EVERYONE TO GET PRIVATE INSURANCE!!! You act as if everyone will suddenly get health care (and paid for) but it is still the enormous majority of us who will still be paying for our health insurance, but hopefully at a fairer price (take away some of those millions spent on CEOs and upper management and give to policyholders). We are the only country in the world who has a for-profit health insurance industry. I think that is despicable.

  20. dobropet says:

    As despicable as FORCING people to buy insurance? Do you honestly believe that the insurance companies are going to have a problem with taking on those that, otherwise would not want insurance or need insurance, already don’t have it?

    And what do you deem is fair in pricing standards applicable to the majority of Americans? Does every last individual fall into a standard pricing scheme? Does every American risk themselves further harm (apparantly to the detriment of others uninsured) being uninsured? Underinsured?

    Yes more regulations seem to answer those questions don’t they?

    Or have you even considered that the regulations already in place have led to the detriment of those needing insurance, or otherwise underinsured?

    Studying the events that led up to this point is what is necessary for true answers to be found in our misguided efforts to provide truly affordable healthcare to those in need.

  21. PatG says:

    excellent job covering this rally.

  22. Manfred Jansen says:

    Thats right must live on the moon where he gets heis figures from. Again one of this stupid, gnorant idiots who listen to Glen Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh. Wake up you moron

  23. Manfred Jansen says:

    Do not listen and read the shit from your liberal webside. Wake up. And I hope for you, that you get a bad illness and thrown out of your insurance you moron, like it happens with so many.
    And who in the hell is talking her about socialist healthinsurance. The healtcare industry is still 100% in control.

  24. dobropet says:

    You would do well to spell check (among other things) all that strained reasoning your mind is attempting to express online.

    You’ve been completely duped into that false sense of blame which so vehemetly claims that insurance agencies are the culprit of rising healthcare prices and not their pocketed politicians.

    But it isn’t that simple is it? There are conservative points that don’t properly address the situation either as well.

    So, to state it again, healthcare insurance industries are only reacting to the policies already in place forcing them to deal with those regulations with higher costs passed onto the consumer. There is no other way around that (no matter how you spin it). Constraints to those industries brought upon by special interest groups, and deep pocketed corporations, lobbying congressional members including this presidential administration is what promotes those higher healthcare costs not the insurance industry itself.

    This problem is not exclusive to one side of the political spectrum alone, both sides have pressure group funds to exploit, neither is above the other, that’s what matters. Until that is understood you will not see the broader picture.

    “Reason obeys itself; Ignorance submits to what is dictated to it.” Thomas Paine

  25. Jay Geeder says:

    Why have a for-profit health care system to begin with? Think about it: making profit off of American citizens getting sick. Insurance companies are like bookies; they calculate odds and then come up with a “line” on how much the bet / premium is worth. As far as those people not wanting the government telling them what to do…wake up. The government regulates you from cradle to grave. We as a society have agreed that there is a certain level of existence that is moral, dare I say decent, for all those who are citizens of this great nation. Taking care of those less fortunate is the decent thing to do.

  26. ruok? says:


    It may be the decent thing to do Jay, but in all seriousness, forcing people to purchase health insurance regardless of their health is not decent!

    Whatever line of reasoning you manipulated to draw that conclusion (conformity seems appropriate) that criminalizes (fined for not having insurance) individuals for not purchasing insurance irrespective of their health conditions is tantamount to slavery!

    Why not have a for profit healthcare insurance industry? Ever heard of competition? Consumer demand? What exactly do you require to accept insurance agencies as trustworthy? Complete control of that particular industry itself? Socialism seems to bring about the worst in people;

    -But even before the president spoke, the Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers of America — whose $26.1 million lobbying effort in 2009 was the most expensive by any industry lobby in history — hailed the health package as “important and historic.”

    The second-biggest industry lobby in America, the American Medical Association, also cheered, as did the American Hospital Association, the No. 5 industry lobby. Throw in the goliath senior lobby AARP and Beltway powerhouse General Electric, and you realize Obama’s underdog tale is all bark and no bite.-

    Read more at the Washington Examiner:

    Whatever freedoms you gave away to accept the governments role as competitor, and referee, within the healthcare industry (and numerous others) only solidifies your conformity with this issue.

  27. Alex says:

    Keep up the good work, New Left Media!

  28. Well, I don’t know how the whole health care bill is gonna pan out, but it has already passed. So, what can really be done about it? There seems to be a lot of critics but no real solid evidence of how it will damage the nation. If the opposition would have come up with solid arguments, then maybe it would not have passed. If anyone would like to know some Competition BBQ Secrets, then check this place out! All I have to say is that anyone opposing it needs to do solid research. I am not sure how I really stand on the issue, but I know other countries have similar health care plans and seem to do just fine!

  29. SEM says:

    Good God…if these knuckle dragging, uninformed, ignorant neanderthals were to ever be in positions of power, we’re doomed. Oh wait, I forgot — there’s the repuglican party….

  30. Pap says:

    @SEM, I completely agree – it’s actually quite frightening!

  31. joe says:

    @SEM and PAP: You guys are so right. God forbid the republican’ts take control of congress, we’ll be sent back to the stone age.

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