Tea Partiers Admit They Are Ignorant, Racist At DC Health Care Protest

On March 16, Tea Partiers from around the country gathered (in disappointing numbers) in front of the Capitol building for their final protest against health care reform. Also in town, appropriately, was Barnum & Bailey’s actual circus.

The protesters voiced their usual conspiratorial concerns about healthcare reform: that it was a government takeover and more government, of course, equals less freedom; that it would euthanize seniors too expensive to treat; and that the bill would sink the nation into irrecoverable debt, despite its actually reducing the deficit by more than $100-billion over the next 10 years. Averse to facts, no one interviewed was able to cite evidence for their false beliefs about the reform proposal, and instead suggested we seek the “truth” from Glenn Beck and Fox News.

This New Left Media film was produced and edited by Chase Whiteside (interviews) and Erick Stoll (camera).

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82 Responses for “Tea Partiers Admit They Are Ignorant, Racist At DC Health Care Protest”

  1. Mack says:

    Honest to God, do these DF’s read a newspaper or any periodical at all? Did they not read the variations of the bill, with changes and revisions as they appeared online as the rest of us did? Did they not review the CBO reports as they came out?
    What caves do these “things” live in? If their only source of information is the Faux Not-News Comedy Channel, no wonder they’re dumber than a deer in headlights!

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  3. thatsright says:

    God you’re dumb. The CBO came out today with actual numbers, all things considered and lo and behold, as everyone with half a brain (a/k/a the Tea Party) already knew, ObamaCare will increase the deficit by a quarter trillion over ten years and in perpetuity after that. You can only sell the double-counts and conveniently left out facts to idiots on the Left. You’re all so freakin’ gullible it’s ridiculous.

    You fuckin’ nimrods haven’t the foggiest clue what the “facts” are because you’re a bunch of sheep who take your messiah’s word on faith. It would be comical if it weren’t so depressing.

    Here’s a fact: There isn’t a single issue on this Earth on which the Left can win a fair fight with a Conservative on the facts. You will never have them in your favor because your ideology is devoid of any discernible logic and has been brow-beaten by the inevitability of reality. It’s incoherent. You have to lie, cheat and coerce health care through Congress because you can’t play by the rules.

    You’re all bunch of fucking frauds. Deal with it. Idiots.

  4. what does that have to do with the fact that the people in this video are fucking idiots, uneducated and racist and have no clue, not one, what they are talking about?

  5. Doug says:

    TO: Thatsright.
    Please post your facts! I just checked the CBO website, and this is from the Director “CBO and JCT estimate that enacting the combination of the reconciliation proposal and H.R. 3590 as passed by the Senate would reduce federal budget deficits by $138 billion between 2010 and 2019”. And here is the link to the page where I found it. Go get facts. Who is the Fraud and Idiot!

  6. thatsright says:



    “Thus, the legislation’s effects on the rest of the budget—other than the cash flows of the HI trust fund—would amount to a net increase in federal deficits of $260 billion over the same period.” (2010-2019)

    If you’re too stupid to recognize the accounting gimmicks in the original score, (see Enron) I can’t help you. But trust me when I tell you the vast majority of tea partiers aren’t so fucking gullible.

    Try again Doug.

  7. Matt says:

    You’re looking at the wrong sentence. The sentence you quote says that due to all of the OTHER demands on the budget (entitlements, the wars, etc.), the deficit would rise $260 billion over that time. If we DON’T pass the healthcare reform act, we can estimate it would rise more than that, about $398 billion over that time. You have to include the earlier sentence to see the reduction.

    “In the March 18, 2010, preliminary analysis of the budgetary effects of the
    reconciliation proposal, CBO and JCT estimated that the direct spending and
    revenue effects of enacting that proposal together with the Senate-passed health
    bill (H.R. 3590) would yield a NET REDUCTION in federal deficits of $138 billion
    over the 2010–2019 period. Thus, the legislation’s effects on the rest of the
    budget—other than the cash flows of the HI trust fund—would amount to a net
    increase in federal deficits of $260 billion over the same period.” *(my emphasis)

    Please don’t come on here with such insulting words, because it only makes you look worse when your mistakes are pointed out.

  8. Thatsright. Why so angry? Relax.

  9. Rick says:

    Regressives don’t use “facts.” They use opinions that are read to them by Beck and Limbaugh totally divorced from “facts.”

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    yeah! this story has entered the popular today section on…

  11. Shane Robb says:


    If you’re going to come on here insulting people you might want to ACTUALLY READ what you’re linking.

    The report clearly says that the 2010-2019 Federal deficit is set to increase because of ALL costs, not just healthcare, including our outrageous military spending. The current HC bill will REDUCE that projected deficit. So, if the bill is not passed the deficit will increase.

    This is typically Glen Beck/Hannity/Fox News cherry picking. You pick out one sentence, out of context, and act like it is something it’s not.

  12. Gern Armstrong says:

    He’s angry because he is afraid. He is afraid because he is ignorant (in the true sense of the word: lacking knowledge or comprehension).

  13. Hannah Belle Lectre says:

    You can’t take guys like Thatsright so personally. He is angry and he is scared. Like all teabaggers, he is very frightened and is providing a front of swear words and rage to cover it up. Can’t really blame him: nobody likes being told that their attitudes and lifestyles are obselete. But that’s simply the way things are, and the ways things will continue in the future. \Most (though not all) Teabaggers are middle-aged white people who grew up in an era when black people couldn’t even vote let alone become president, and gay people could be ostracized without anyone batting an eye.

    Truth be told, these protests aren’t really about health care. Never was.

  14. Mark Fradl says:

    wow… hate to state the obvious, but maybe it’s not so constructive to call each other idiots and DFs…

    Thatisright – thanks for linking to that document, but reading the entire thing it seems very clear that the CBO is stating that the reform bill will decrease deficits (when compared to deficit projections without the reform)

    As for the accusation i keep hearing from opponents of the bill: “They’re not including the huge Medicare payment adjustment!!!” why should they? The Medicare payment adjustment will happen with or without this reform. The simple, bottom line question is will the deficit be lower with or without reform? the CBO answer: it will be lower with reform, AND we’ll be extending insurance to 30 million people and eliminating such things as pre-existing conditions and limits on how much an insurance company will cover.

    Still, NO ONE thinks it’s a perfect plan, but with our political system i think it’s the best we can get right now.

  15. Hamranhansenhansen says:

    He is angry because he’s been whipped into a hysterical frenzy by the comedians and soap operas he watches on Fox News. He thinks somebody is trying to steal something from him. He thinks of health care as a luxury, like jewelry, not a necessity, like air. He’s just totally out of touch with reality. I would feel sorry for him if I weren’t more concerned with the sick and the dying.

    We have single payer defense, single payer firefighters, single payer cops, and single payer medicine. But people under 65 are excluded from the medicine to create a false market for private health insurers, and it kills 40,000 of us every year, by the most conservative estimates. These are the core government functions. These are the 911 functions. When the government invests in these, it helps everyone. Every person, every organization, is made better when the government invests in soldiers, cops, firefighters, and doctors and nurses. These are not private sector functions. Putting medicine in the private sector for these past 40 years has failed. It’s killing people. It’s costing business terribly, making them uncompetitive globally. Causing them to hire temps and part-time people instead of full-time. It’s created a situation where people go through American society with untreated medical conditions so commonly that Americans don’t even notice anymore. People from other countries visit and they are horrified by it.

    The sad thing is, this current health reform is not single payer for all, it’s just a few band aids on the status quo. It’s still privatized health care. The absurd ignorance of calling it socialist! Incredible.

    I would like to know if “thatsright” also wants to privatize the armed forces, cops, and firefighters, and end MediCare for those over 65. Or is he a hypocrite?

  16. anon says:

    conservatives such as that’sright often expel insults and become over agitated when their belief systems are questioned or debunked.

    this really reminds me of religious nuts who spout the verse “eye for an eye”, but neglect the final part of that verse “god will have his wrath” when trying to justify death penalties.

    selective reading is fun.

  17. Slonob says:

    That’s it. Focus on false enemies. Don’t focus on what’s really going on. Don’t read the bill. Don’t look at those empty entitlement trust funds. When the man raids trust funds it isn’t to hide the true cost of war and bailing out banking buddies. It’s to help the little people. He cheats us all because he cares for us.

    More gravy cars for the gravy train… for all!

  18. thatsleft says:

    thatsright, you’re heads going to explode. omg, i am enjoying these moments and every time i read comments like yours i just think how much the backwards people like you are upset. this gives me an enormous, almost sexual, pleasure.

  19. Jeff Kosloske says:

    thatsright… you seemed to get real quiet once you realized that you only read what you wanted to see.. and your ‘facts’ are nothing more than a misguided opinion.

    “There isn’t a single issue on this Earth on which the Left can win a fair fight with a Conservative on the facts.” <– THAT is the most single-minded argument I have ever seen.. opinions are fine.. its what make the world and the species move forward.. assuming that everyone with an opinion different than yours is "a fucking nimrod" doesn't really help your cause. Perhaps you need to calm down and get outside of America and see the world before you spout off your opinion on how things work.

    Thanks for playing! :)

  20. Adam says:

    hahahaha, thatsright got bitch slapped by Matt!

  21. Brian Wilson says:

    Thatsright and everyone else,

    it’s great you’re so passionate about the issues, but hurling insults is a great way to give the other party license to ignore anything that runs counter to their line of thinking. NOTHING – not meaningful healthcare reform, not entitlement reform, not budget reform, not political reform – will ever happen if we can’t learn to work together again. In my opinion, anyone who acts counter to this and claims to be a patriotic American, is a fucking “idiot.”

    And to think that either the Left or the Right has a monopoly on truth and is therefore correct 100% of the time is nothing short of hilarious. In a nation of 300 million we’re all supposed to find absolute truth in one of only two perspectives??? That’s INSANE. Without hyperbole and quite factually, that’s nuttier than squirrel shit.

  22. Jethro says:

    The only way thatsright would believe anything is if it came from Fox News. So, don’t waste your time. These sad, ignorant people are a lost cause…. I just feel bad for them at this point…

  23. Turk says:

    thatsright, you need to shut up when you’re clearly wrong, the more you scream the crazier you sound.

  24. Drew says:

    Consider the following

    1 – The 2nd decade of the bill assumes that that a law will be passed in 2018 to tax Cadilliac health insurance plans. There is no bloody way on earth that’s going to happen. Unions would never allow it.

    2. Over $50 billion was originally allocated to the states to pay for medicaid expenses. Keep in mind instead of eliminating the Cornhusker kickback, the liberals stupidly decided to have the Feds pay for ALL medicaid expenses to ALL states for the first four years. Afterwards, states would slowly again start paying for their own medicaid again. Yet in order to get the good graces of the CBO, liberals reduced the original $50 billion to $8 billion. Again this is a totally fictitious view of the future. There is no way all the states will start paying for medicaid after the Feds pick up the tab for nearly 1/2 a decade.

    3. The CBO does not include the doc fix, which is the annual cost for medicare reimbursement to doctors, which is currently appropriated annually by legislative vote, is NOT part of the bill. Which means its costs were not part of the CBO score on the cost of the bill, so add on another $200B to the annual cost.

    But liberals are deceived by the points above and they are naive enough to think it will reduce the deficit, even though every single liberal entitlement in history only adds to the deficit.

  25. Nikesha says:

    Let’s take a step back…. imagine that party lines did not matter. What if all career politicians were working together to overthrow democracy? I want everyone to research “The End of America: A Warning to a Young Patriot” by Naomi Wolf At least these people are practicing their right to freedom of speech. It’s time for America to stop being willfully ignorant and band together to protect our liberties!

  26. Jay says:

    So there are dumb tea partiers out there. That’s a fact.

    What exactly does it prove except that the left is trying to avoid debate by parading these people instead of discussing real ideas?

  27. I see what you guys are doing, trying to impress everyone with your fancy “facts” and book-learnin’. I ain’t want no goverment interference in my health, and I ain’t want no goverment death squads telling me what i can and can’t do, I only want the government to interfere in other peoples health and tell them what they can and can’t do. Government needs to stay out of our lives, except for medicare, fire departments, police departments, health departments, public transportation, mail delivery, upkeep of roads, and some other stuff. Yeah, other than that – Government stay out!

  28. exasperated citizen says:

    thatsright is taking a quote out of context? sounds like something a fair and balanced news station that we all know and love would do…

  29. Brian says:

    I really like how when you point out the facts, thatsright ran away.

    I also enjoy how there he states there is no argument on Earth that the Left can win over Conservatives when it comes to facts. Looks like the Left just won, so that throws out your whole theory doesn’t it?

  30. exasperated citizen says:

    he could be a troll….

  31. Jason F says:

    this is terrifying. that the vocal minority (i.e., teabaggers) can have SO MUCH political power in america is actually scary to me.
    i know that teabaggers and conservatives have been quoted as saying that if this bill passes, they’ll leave the country. my question is, where would they go? the rest of the first world is almost universally more progressive than america.

  32. Atheist says:

    From Thats Right:
    You fuckin’ nimrods haven’t the foggiest clue what the “facts” are because you’re a bunch of sheep who take your messiah’s word on faith. It would be comical if it weren’t so depressing.

    OK good I knew there was something wrong about god. I won’t be lead any longer blindly I will now be an atheist.

  33. Guyovich says:

    Liberals have one set of facts, Conservative have another set of facts. Where can I find some fact-facts? Like, real ones? Because both sides are full of equal amounts of crap. Go be a Whig or something.

  34. tim says:

    hahahahahah thatsright is a teapartier!!! classic arguments and “facts”

  35. Thank God for the tea partiers. They are one of the few checks and balances left on runaway government. So they are just as ignorant as the people who support the bill and those who will vote on the bill. The only people who truly know what’s in the bill are the lobbyists. They’re running the country right now. Enslavement to government does not equal freedom. Where does their contol over our lives end? It keeps growing like a weed.

  36. JD says:

    People like thatsright are perfect examples of the inbred and uneducated who can’t read or do any sort of independent study. Instead they listen to their messiah Glenn Beck and put on flag shirts and whine and wail about policy that will benefit them more more than wealthy people like me who can still think rationally and support health care reform.

  37. fngforme says:

    Thanks Matt, for sending thatsright back to the little hole from whence he came. Apparently there is are quite a few arguments on earth that can be won w/ facts.

  38. Thatswrong says:

    @Thatsright: Despite the facts, you go about making your point in a terrible way. Just like my many conservative friends, when you get backed into a corner that you dont like being in, you resort to petty insults and incoherent yelling to try and make your point.

    Whether you’re right or not, no one is going to respect you or your views if you cant convey them in a calm and civil manner. Heck, maybe you just don’t care. I’m just letting you know that no one here is taking you (or the multitudes of other angry conservatives for that matter) seriously.

  39. Guyovich says:

    No one wants to be a Whig with me….

  40. :( says:

    This comments section makes me so sad. We live in a strange time. The future of politics is a very scary idea to think about. :'(

  41. Jake says:

    Yea these people are dumb but that is what it is supposed to look like. If these people were well spoken and education, they would have been cut out of this video. Regardless of the this is still a terrible act of government.

    The federal government has a limited amount of right enumerated in the constitution; effectively these are to maintain a military and regulate interstate commerce. That is it. that rest belong to the states, and after that, to the people.

    That is it. This act is based off the idea that the individual american is incapable of taking care of themselves. I don’t believe this. If nothing else, I don’t need this government’s help if it means I have to give up my right to make choices for myself.

    Welcome to pre-1860 America — what the US was meant to be!

    RON PAUL 2008!!!

  42. Agent Oblivious says:

    Here’s something to consider: (all stats from

    Cost per capita $US for health care expenditures (2007):

    Canada (single payer system): $3,895.0

    U.K (single payer system): $2,992.0

    U.S.: $7,290.0

    Number of practicing physicians per 1000 people (2007):

    Canada: 2.2

    U.K: 2.5

    U.S: 2.4

    Life expectancy at birth, total population (2007):

    Canada: 80.7 years

    U.K: 79.5 years

    U.S.: 78.1 years

    Your thoughts?

  43. Will says:

    Don’t you all see that you’re being just as insulting to thatsright as he was to everyone else? I don’t agree with anything he said, but you’re all pulling the same condescending tone that we liberals love to use. Just cause we don’t get all red in the face ala O’reilly, Beck, and Hannity, doesn’t mean we can’t dish out the same sort of generalizations and put downs.

  44. DotCom Note says:

    The most logical persons are conservatives because they believe the earth is only 6,000 years old and human race came from Adam and Eve. I don’t know if Adam and Eve were Arabs or not. Most probably they are. So, all conservatives are Arabs.

  45. You guys can actually visit thatsright’s personal website which he probably scampered off to after realizing how much of an idiot he made himself look like.

    Actually, it may or may not be his personal website or a website he just likes a lot, but judging by the posts, topics and link on the site I would say it is his personal blog.

  46. Klas says:


  47. thatsright says:

    I apologize.

    There are many things on earth that are unprovable. Much like any analogy to prove God, or to prove that we are determined to do everything that we do in life. You say, you have a free choice, I believe you, yet, is it really provable?

    This does not mean that we cannot get anything done on this earth. Rather, trying to wrap our minds around these things will only help to grow our minds. This comes to politics as well. Some say there is no point, well there is. Dialogue might actually yield some good; good being help for the poor, and those who are stuck in the margins. Yet, in the end is that even truly good? That happiness on there face that they will be able to live without owing an insurmountable amount of money. Perhaps they could even start working, or even educate themselves. Yet, Would this be real good?

    I would say so, if the heart is in the right place. Then, and only then, would true good be done.

    Again, for those of you who I offended. I apologize. I hope you all have grown competent to do true good. I am learning, yet have not arrived, heck it will be forever till I have truly arrived.

  48. Daryl James says:

    I’m an independent who has been trying to follow this debate on both sides and I’m a bit confused. CBS news reports that “the Congressional Budget Office estimates that the House proposal would actually increase the deficit by $239 billion over 10 years”, but you’re saying it will decrease the deficit “by more than $100-billion over the next 10 years”. Which number is right and where did you get your figures? Here’s a link to the CBS article:

  49. thatsright says:

    Disregard that, I suck.

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