Jason Leopold Speaks To RT About Obama’s Detainee Policies

When Obama was running for president he made the American people a promise to close Guantanamo Bay. The detention prison has been open for 10 years and was originally opened by the Bush administration. In his first week as president, Obama signed a mandate to close the facility within 2010. Years later, however, Guantanamo Bay remains open and has over 200 detainees. Why hasn’t President Obama fulfilled his promise to close the controversial detention center? Jason Leopold, deputy managing editor of TruthOut.Org, helps us find out.

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1 Response for “Jason Leopold Speaks To RT About Obama’s Detainee Policies”

  1. Laura Baden says:

    Good to hear such a clear, informed and thoughtful response to the question of Guantanamo remaining open after Obama’s 2008 campaign pledges to close it down. Also highlighting the fact that advocating waterboarding as a violation of the Geneva Accords makes it clear that the only reason for Bachman and Cain to do so is to pander to the extreme right to build their base. Facts, logic and history are not required for their intended audience. Thank you.

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