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Jason Leopold’s Investigative Reporting On The Life And Death of Guantanamo Prisoner Adnan Latif

Adnan Latif. Photo/Wikipedia/JTF-GTMO

Adnan Latif. Photo/Wikipedia/JTF-GTMO

Last September, Yemeni Guantanamo prisoner Adnan Latif was found dead in his cell in a punishment wing at Camp 5 of the prison. His death was all the more tragic because Latif had been cleared for release no less than three times by the Bush and Obama administrations. However, Latif continued to languish at Guantanamo, confined to a life of indefinite detention. Immediately, upon the announcement by the US military that Latif had died, I set out to tell the definitive story about the man and search for answers as to how he died alone in his cell. I filed Freedom of Information Act requests with the US military for documents pertaining to the days and hours leading up to Latif’s death. I obtained unclassified notes from Latif’s attorney, David Remes, about meetings he had with his client and other prisoners who discussed with Remes the events that unfolded prior to Latif’s death . I interviewed a forensic pathologist to provide his opinion about the possible cause and manner of Latif’s death. I interviewed Latif’s brother and father and found out Latif had a son. Finally, I interviewed military sources who provided me with a great deal of insight into the operations at Guantanamo.

Over the course of nine months, I wrote seven investigative reports on Latif. I first reported that the military would likely determine that Latif’s death would be the result of an overdose of medication. I first reported that the military would conclude that it’s so-called Standard Operating Procedures at Guantanamo were not followed and the failure to follow procedures contributed to Latif’s death. I first reported that an autopsy report concluded that manner of Latif’s death was suicide and first reported that his body was being kept in storage at Rammstein Air Base in Germany.

Two weeks ago, in response to my Freedom of Information Act request, United States Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) released to me a copy of their “Commander’s inquiry,” also known as an AR 15-6, report into Latif’s death. SOUTHCOM’s report backs up every detail of my investigative reporting and raises further troubling questions about the integrity of the operations at Guantanamo.

Below are links to my investigative reports on Adnan Latif, as they were published, in chronological order.

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