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Why The White House Should Slam The Door On Greg Craig

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that behind closed doors certain groups in the White House want Mr. Greg Craig gone. The White House is denying that is so, but clearly there are leaks taking place about discussions in the White House.

However, the question should be is Mr. Craig doing a good job for the Democrats that elected his boss, President Barack Obama. I think the answer would be no and here is why. President Obama was elected by Democrats and independents in this country that sought change in the direction our country was headed. However, Mr. Craig, as Legal Counsel to the president, has provided us with no change.

To understand Greg Craig one must look at his history. Mr. Craig was a bright young Yale student who got a terrific job working for the guy known as “the man to see in Washington D.C.” His boss was Edward Bennett Williams, a well respected lawyer who represented politicians and top mafia officials. In fact, for years many thought Greg Craig’s boss might be deep throat. It is kind of funny that most people don’t know that young Greg Craig got his first real training representing the Washington Post during Watergate.

At the same time, Karl Rove was helping run the young Republicans and working with George H.W. Bush who also was accused of being deep throat. It is believed during the early 1970’s is when these two individuals–Craig and Karl Rove–formed their lifetime friendship. Their bosses, Edward Bennett Williams and George H.W. Bush, were very close and it is believed that when President Ford offered the CIA job to to Edward Bennett Williams that it was he who refused and said no, appoint George H.W. Bush director of CIA. Since then, Williams and Connolly has done a lot of legal work for people in the CIA.

It is also probably the reason why Williams and Connolly still to this day represents George W. Bush as he transitions from being President to a private citizen. Mr. Craig has for months been the center of attention in carving the deal for Karl Rove to testify without having to take an oath. Many know I objected strongly when I learned Mr. Craig was cutting deals with Rove. What is most shocking to me is that when Craig called me a few years ago about representing me he never revealed he had ties to the Bush family and Karl Rove.

I was lucky to ever find out just how deep those ties were from people in the intelligence community. I also learned along the way just how many top level Republicans Mr. Craig’s firm represented and was shocked that he would ever have been Obama’s choice for legal counsel. Mr. Craig’s firm has been Dick Cheney’s personal lawyer going back to the controversy surrounding the building of Guantanamo.

It is interesting to me how Mr. Craig was there to advise President Obama to close Gitmo when his law firm protected Vice President Cheney when it was alleged he was cutting deals to build it. All I can say is what a hypocrite Obama has hired and it is sad many of the Democrats that supported him never realized what was really taking place the day Mr. Craig put the pen in Obama’s hand to sign to close down Guantanamo that had brought so much shame to our country.

The law firm Williams and Connolly bills itself as “the firm to see” just like its leader Mr. Williams was one time “the man to see.” However, if you look closely it is the Republicans that consider it to the firm to see, not the Democrats. Which is what makes Mr. Craig such an odd choice for President Obama as a legal counsel, since President Obama claims to be a Democrat.

In fact, Mr. Craig’s firm represents all the important Republicans, like Bush, Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George Tenet, and Karl Rove. I really found it to be quite a conflict for Mr. Craig to strike a deal with Karl Rove and his attorney when he had so many conflicts-of-interest. First he had pretended to be interested in representing me when he knew he had conflicts of his firm having long represented all the important Republicans in the country and further having represented the very people I was making allegations against.

To this day I wonder what he was up to when he expressed an interest in representing me and pretended to poor Don Siegelman that he was his friend all the while Gov. Siegelman never knew the extent of Craig’s friendship with Karl Rove. Nor did Don Siegelman know the firm’s connection to George W Bush. Furthermore, Mr. Craig was cutting thee Karl Rove deal with his old partner Emmett Flood who had long been George W. Bush’s lawyer.

My question will always be was Greg Craig taking care of President Obama or his old Bush friends going way back to his Watergate days when his boss Edward Bennett Williams and George H.W. Bush used to meet about getting Nixon out of office so Ford, the elder Bush’s tennis partner, could be President. I guess that is a question we should ask Mr. Craig. Who is he loyal to? The Republicans who he has run around with for years or the Democratic President that he serves today as Legal Counsel.

I also think it important for all the Siegelman fans to know that Greg Craig had to file a financial disclosure form this year. On that form were some really interesting tidbits. One of the companies that paid him was a company called Ogilvy. That company was formerly known as the Federalist Group and changed it name after the 2006 election when Democrats took over the House. What is important is the Federalist Group had close ties to the Bush White House.

In fact, the gentlemen who ran it are Stewart Hall and Wayne Berman who are very close to Karl Rove and George W. Bush. In fact, Ms. Berman worked as the social secretary to both Ms Cheney and Ms Bush. Many may remember my testimony about Mr. Hall being close friends with young Mr. Riley. Well basically it is that office that helped run Bob Riley for Governor in 2002 and is where many got together to plan for Bob Riley to get elected.

At the time, Mr. Craig had close associations with these individuals as he was the lawyer for all Richard Shelby’s business endeavors and apparently the lawyer for Stewart Hall and Mr. Berman. So when we ain’t getting any help one only has to look at Mr. Craig’s financial statements to see why he was paid a large portion of his last year before going into the White House by the Alabama gang who work at Ogilvy and also who had an interest in Digital Fusion.

Digital Fusion is a company in Huntsville that got a $117 million contract guarding missiles and is invested in by certain individuals out of the Federalist Group / Ogilvy PR firm. I suspect that is why we have not received to date any relief from the White House in the Siegelman matter. A sad reality in Washington is that often money speaks louder than words about truth and justice.

I have written all of this for one reason. It is time for the Democrats to demand in this country an Office of Legal Counsel run by Democrats. That is the only way we are every going to see change in America. Greg Craig needs to be run out of that office as he has too many close ties to the Republicans as do many of the lawyers he brought over from his firm to the OLC.

One only has to look at Greg Craig’s close associations and clients to determine that his friends and firm have closer connections to the Republican party than President Obama should want or need. After all it was Democrats who elected President Obama and one would assume in a city as big as Washington DC that he could find a lawyer that had no connections to George Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld, and George Tenet.

It really makes one wonder why Obama would hire a lawyer whose firms represents all the people the voters who put in office want in jail for the crimes they committed during the past administration. Doesn’t it seem odd to you? It certainly does to me. I think a great move for Obama would be to get rid of Greg Craig and all the lawyers associated with Bush in the White House.

After all, the voters voted for change, not more of the same tired old lawyers who have been connected to Republicans and the Republican Party for years. We need a fresh start in this country and the lawyers in the White House would be a great place to begin. Call the White House today and demand that President Obama kick Greg Craig to the curb, since his strong Republican ties have now had a spotlight shined upon them for all to see.

It is time we fill the White House Legal Counsel office with true Democrats.

Dana Jill Simpson is an Alabama attorney and a former Republican campaign volunteer who testified before Congress in 2007 that she had first hand knowledge that Karl Rove and Alabama Republican were involved in the prosecution of Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman, a Democrat, as a way of ensuring a Republican was elected governor of the state. In a letter her attorney sent to Craig in March, Craig was accused of ethical violations for failing to disclose his ties to Rove and top Bush officals during legal matters involving the previous administration.

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1 Response for “Why The White House Should Slam The Door On Greg Craig”

  1. Woody says:

    “It is time we fill the White House Legal Counsel office with true Democrats.”

    I read somewhere that elections have consequences. I have to rely on my memory, because there is so little evidence of that fact in the policies, appointments, and actions of the Obamanauts. Greg Craig is another of the ‘non-anomalies.’

    Why, pritthee, is there still even ONE Bushevik US ATTY still holding office?

    Why is Obama still torturing prisoners?

    Why is he still giving money tp the bankstrers?

    Why is he considering Larry Summers to replace Bernanke?

    Aren’t you tired of GOP-lite YET?

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