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Shocking Censorship at Google News and the Future of Net Neutrality

The recent federal court ruling in favor of censorship on the part of internet companies representing the interests of the Business Roundtable — Comcast, AT&T, Verizon and Time Warner — is a serious threat to the dissemination of critical information vital to the functioning of our democracy. The consolidation of media companies that has occurred in traditional media outlets, such as newspapers, radio and television, has led to the strategic dumbing down of the U.S. population.

Under tight control by the most powerful corporations on the planet, U.S. mainstream media has become an omnipresent propaganda system designed to divide, distract, confuse and create apathy among the U.S. populace. In the process, mainstream corporate controlled media has obscured, isolated and suppressed dissent and understanding of our present ruling class.

The internet has emerged as a vital countervailing force to powerful interests who seek to undermine the founding ideals of our country and further impoverish an unsuspecting middle class of hardworking Americans. Thanks to the tireless hard work of citizen journalists (bloggers) across the political spectrum, a growing number of American citizens have become informed and engaged to a level not seen since the pamphleteers enlightened the citizenry and sparked the first American Revolution.

Those of us who have spent many hours working on this — often very hard unpaid work, yet vital and rewarding — task of exposing corruption and abuse at the highest levels of power, must remain vigilant, and not be naïve to the growing forces of power who seek to silence our First Amendment rights by controlling the internet, just as they have controlled all previous mediums of mass communication.

I speak as someone who has already had firsthand experience in censorship. When we first created our news site AmpedStatus.com, we spent a considerable amount of time filling out a form requested by Google News, to get our news site listed in their search results. We carefully worded and submitted our information to meet Google’s requirements. However, after waiting several days, we received a form email stating that our request had been denied. Unlike Rupert Murdoch, who obviously has no understanding of how the internet works, I know it is vital to get listed on Google News. (Note to Stupert Murdoch: Not getting listed on Google News is like not having your newspapers displayed on newsstands.)

So right from the start, I knew my work at AmpedStatus would have a hard time reaching a wide audience due to Google’s rejection (censorship). We then decided to put much effort and our limited resources into Search Engine Optimization. At least we could maximize Google’s general search results. However, when I released my report “The Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society,” Google blocked it from appearing in their general search results. I wrote a brief post about Google censoring my report and tried to contact Google several times but never got a response. Thankfully, after I had submitted my emails of complaint and many other sites had picked up the report — well over a million people had read it — the report suddenly reappeared in their search results.

Knowing Google’s apparent desire to censor our work, I was thankful to have sites across the internet which were willing to publish them. A key ally in our attempts to overcome censorship is the news site, The Public Record. On a personal level, they have published all my recent reports. (How ironic that a site called The Public Record has come to our aid.)

Shocking Censorship at Google News

One of the great things about The Public Record is that it is listed in Google News search results. So, even though we were censored, we have been able to still get our work listed in this vital online newsstand. However, the powers-that-be at Google seem to have caught on to the fact that The Public Record is publishing our work. My latest report is the first report that The Public Record has ever had removed from Google News search results. This is obviously a case a selective censorship!

Jason Leopold, editor at large of The Public Record, writes:

“It appears that Google News has deprived the public of important information by censoring this story. This is the first time since Google News began carrying The Public Record that we have ever experienced a blackout on one of our articles. We have tried, unsuccessfully, to contact Google for an explanation. If this is in fact the case, if Google did indeed censor this story because of its subject matter, then Google has acted no different than the Chinese government.”

I have repeatedly reported, in detail, with ample evidence and supporting material/links to back up my claims, that the US government, tax system, economy, stock market and Federal Reserve have been ceased by an organized criminal operation that is tactically destroying middle class America. I am fully aware that these claims may sound extreme to Americans who have been subjected to the omnipresent mainstream media (propaganda) system. However, those of us who use the internet as our primary means of research and analysis know that the evidence supporting this claim is overwhelming and could be proven in court given the opportunity.

In fact, I believe that it is my clear presentation of this evidence that has led to Google’s censorship of this report. So for all of you who wonder what the internet may end up looking like when the Comcast, AT&T, Verizon and Time Warner (all members of the Business Roundtable) interests take it over, you need to only look at the actions of Google News in censoring my call for a movement to restore democracy and the rule of law.

When the Constitution of the United States was written, the FIRST AMENDMENT, not the second, third, fourth or fifth, but the FIRST AMENDMENT stated this:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

With this in mind, please consider reading the report that Google News has censored:

Is It Time for Law Abiding American Citizens to Stop Paying Their Taxes and Start a New Government?

Here is a screenshot of Google News search results censoring my report:

Shocking Censorship at Google News and the Future of Net Neutrality

David DeGraw is the founder and editor of AmpedStatus.com and director of MediaChannel.org. You can reach him at David@AmpedStatus.com.

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12 Responses for “Shocking Censorship at Google News and the Future of Net Neutrality”

  1. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by ThePublicRecord: Shocking Censorship at Google News and the Future of Net Neutrality http://bit.ly/cd88oN

  2. Will says:

    Noooooo way! These idiots censored DeGraw! HAAAA! This will bring even more attention to his work. More attention to the criminal misconduct on Wall Street and in our government. And more attention to net neutrality issues. WIN WIN WIN! Censor away Goooooogle News!

    As G Dubya once said, “BRING IT ON!”

  3. dobropet says:

    Don’t forget, Obama said it too!

    “Bring it!”

  4. Will says:

    I can’t even bring up AmpedStatus for the past hour. Just a white screen!

  5. simba says:

    FYI: Who do you think sent talking points memos to FOX news when Bush was in charge? THE GOVERNMENT! Who do we think helps to ensure that our news is controlled? Net Nutrality is not the answer to this problem because it will be like we are signing up to put our government in control of our right to free information. BAD IDEA. It’s even a worse idea than what we’re looking at now. Keeping the internet free from regulation and keeping corporations from becoming monopolies is a better choice in terms of regulation. That way someone will be able to provide a service that does not limit our internet use and does not censor our searches and then we can CHOOSE that provider and see Comcast and Google either get on board or die off. That is a free market principle that the internet has run on since its conception.

  6. Thanks for pushing Google’s envelope, all of you. Very alarming behavior by Google, IMO.

    (BTW, I believe you mean our government has been *seized*, no? Then again, it sure has ceased to function for our general welfare.)

  7. Unfortunately, your argument lost all credibility when you wrote:

    “So right from the start, I knew my work at AmpedStatus would have a hard time reaching a wide audience due to Google’s rejection (censorship)”

    This shows a critical misunderstanding of what ‘censorship’ is. First and foremost, the term applies governments and government agencies, not private companies. When NBC decided to cancel Conan O’Brien’s show in place of Jay Leno, were they ‘censoring’ Conan? No.

    When a government prevents the dissemination of information through the threat of force, that is ‘censorship’. When a private company decides not to publish a certain piece of information, that is called an ‘editorial decision’.

    Get over it.

  8. zaknick says:

    @Maison Bubba,

    Are you that idiotic that it is not apparent to you that Google is acting as agent for the government? That’s “editorial discretion”? Nope, more like a page, a CRIMINAL PAGE, right out of Orwell!

    F*ck Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page suck *&%#@ !!

    shit, I love gmail though.. probably spying on my stuff too.

    fascist traitors

  9. mik3 says:

    @ simba
    ow my dear @ simba
    Did you know the 2nd largest owner of FOX news is actually a man in the middle east? his name is Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud of Saudi Arabia. Do you really think that it is just the government telling FOX what to say? Or Rupert murdoch, who is the largest owner and has the power to dictate what ever the fuck he want’s out of FOX. Murdoch can also tell asia what to play, the EU and Great Britten !

    You must understand, the gov can throw their weight around only so much. Just to come to the relization that such people like Murdoch must be delt with by money, trade, or tax breaks.

    And this is not just directed at simba, its for all who understand how one is. One is a greedy, self serving, power hungry individual. To appease such a corrosive man you must speak in his language. The language of greed, is best spoken and understood by Murdoch, just one of the many powerful men that allow such things to happen.

    This is the way of the world, you have the power you allow what you please, for profit.

  10. ruok? says:

    Looks like things have bent to interests in the form of regulation.


  11. Todd Curl says:

    Sorry for being a little late to the comment party, but I’m glad I’m not alone in those who have felt the wrath of the hypocritical Google machine. Also, Google, despite their public lie that they are supporting Net Neutrality legislation, has been working on securing their own private channel of preferred high bandwidth with the major telecoms; AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, etc, as well as paying lobbyists millions to lobby against net neutrality legislation under various front organizations. Google has even set up fronts to support net neutrality, just perpetuating their absurd hypocrisy.

    My own experiences with Google pertain to their “quality deserves diversity” algorithm, which in a nutshell, makes sure that negative and libelous (as in my case) information on the internet is highlighted above all else for the sake of diversity. The greater the efforts of traditional reputation management, the greater the libelous information gets pushed. In my case, the website posting the info (and libelous info on thousands of others) made $250,000 in 2009 from Google AdSense Revenue.

    I wrote an article about my case in particular on my blog (at that time blogspot; controlled by Google) and at months beginning, had my Google AdSense account suspended with no explanation as to why and my appeal was rejected in 12 hours when appeals normally take 2 -3 weeks on average to get a decision. I set up my own website, and despite doing all necessary SEO work, have yet to get recognized by Google; even their analytic application is claiming I’ve only had 7 hits in a month when I am getting up to a thousand hits a day.

    I won’t bother giving links to what I’ve written as they can be found on my blog. Just wanted to thank you for writing an article showing the reality of what a fascist corporation they really are.

  12. Todd Curl says:

    I thought I should clarify something. When I said: “…the website posting the…” I should have said: the website “hosting,” not posting. This particular site allows anonymous users to post any information they want (without giving any proof whatsoever) and give specific and detailed personal information on the person they are posting about (everything but specific numbers: Social Security, Credit Card, etc…).

    Seems a little suspicions that Google would continue to support, let alone promote, a site that is known for nothing other than giving individuals the opportunity to anonymously libel another person. Google makes a good amount of money off the ads they put on there and gives the site a good chunk back: to the tune of a quarter million dollars in this case.

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