From The Diaries Of A Gitmo Detainee: What It’s Like To Be Tortured

This is a must-read investigative report based on documents exclusively obtained by Al Jazeera America and written by TPR Editor-at-Large Jason Leopold (h/t Digg for the headline). Excerpt:

The officer, Abu Zubaydah wrote in his diary, “ordered that I should be tied up to the high bars so I can’t sit down or sleep during the night, and in fact that was what happened.”

“Hours passed by and I was feeling the pain in the bottom of my foot (The location of the beating). I also felt the pain in the calf, and the thigh, because of standing a long time … And I started to realize their intention, they must be trying to make me reach a nervous breakdown so I will confess with everything I know at the time of interrogation … I relied on my determination and rested against the bars and tried to sleep, and I really slept while standing, and when the pain increased in one foot, I woke up and leaned on the other foot so I could sleep.”




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