Obama Interrogation Official Linked to U.S. Mind Control Research

Susan E. Brandon, the Obama administration’s Chief for Research in the DCHC’s Behavioral Science Program.

A new article at Truthout I co-wrote with author and investigative journalist H.P. Albarelli describes how the CIA’s Artichoke Project* was the contemporaneous and operational side of the MK-ULTRA mind control research program. It was not superceded by MK-ULTRA in the 1950s, as often supposed.

Even more, Artichoke-derived methods of using drugs, hypnosis, sensory deprivation and overload, behavioral modification techniques and other methods of mind control have resurfaced as a primary component of U.S. interrogation practice.

The Truthout article includes some amazing revelations, including the largest description to date of the roles of then-Ford administration officials Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld in working hand-in-glove with the CIA to suppress information on Artichoke from surfacing.

The article also references the November 2006 release of an “Instruction” from the Secretary of the Navy (3900.39D) regarding its “Human Research Protection Program.” While this memo specifically prohibits the use of research upon prisoners, including so-called “unlawful enemy combatants,” waivers of informed consent for research, or suspension of the protections enumerated in the memo can be made by the Secretary of the Navy under conditions of “operational contingency or during times of national emergency.” It is likely the latter rests upon the legislative language within the September 18, 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force, where terrorist acts are said to “continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.”

The waivers allowed for normal human research testing gains further piquancy when one considers the kinds of research referenced in the Secretary of the Navy’s memo. Section 7(a)(2)(a) describes the Undersecretary of the Navy as the “approval authority” for research done upon prisoners, as well as “Severe or unusual intrusions, either physical or psychological, on human subjects (such as consciousness-altering drugs or mind-control techniques)” [emphasis added].

This referencing of “mind-control techniques” in a document specifically discussing human subjects protections by then Secretary of the Navy, Donald C. Winter, is not an anomaly, but a rare instance in which the actual activities of the government in this area are openly revealed. Some of these activities can be documented via publicly available materials. This article describes how some of the individuals involved in U.S. government mind control and torture activities can be tracked and identified.

APA, CIA: “How might we overload the system or overwhelm the senses…?”

Another instance in which the curtain was pulled back on mind control research by the U.S. government involved the online description by the American Psychological Association (APA) of a CIA and Rand Corporation workshop which it co-sponsored in July 2003 at Rand’s Arlington, Virginia headquarters. The event was attended by approximately 40 research psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, as well as “representatives from the CIA, FBI and Department of Defense with interests in intelligence operations.”

One of these workshops, ostensibly on detection of deception, specifically described how participants should consider “sensory overloads on the maintenance of deceptive behaviors,” including the use of “pharmacological agents. “How might we,” the workshop asked, “overload the system or overwhelm the senses and see how it affects deceptive behaviors?”

The man in charge of “recruiting the operational expertise” for the workshop was Kirk Hubbard, Chief of the Research & Analysis Branch, Operational Assessment Division of the CIA. It appears likely that Hubbard was responsible for the presence at the workshop of SERE psychologists James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen, who were instrumental in the construction of the Bush administration’s “enhanced interrogation” torture program. Hubbard was also reported (by Scott Shane of the New York Times) to have brought James Mitchell to an informal meeting “of professors and law enforcement and intelligence officers… to brainstorm about Muslim extremism” at the home of former APA president Martin Seligman in November 2001.

Sometime in the past six months, the APA eliminated all references to the webpage described above, even going so far as to eliminate linked references to it on other webpages on its site. While the webpage that described the workshops has been scrubbed, mirrored images of the site remain available at well-known web archive sites, as I described in a recent article on this attempt to rewrite or hide APA’s offensive history. In one sense, this attempt to hide its history is not surprising, because the kind of activities discussed in these workshops are exactly like those that involved CIA and military mind control torture programs going back fifty years or more, and evidently still operational today.

The Role of Government Psychologist Susan Brandon

In a recent article, Scott Horton at Harper’s picked up on the unique link between the APA/CIA workshop and the recent revelations about torture at a hitherto unknown black site prison at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. That link was an individual, Susan Brandon.

Referenced by Horton as working for the Defense Intelligence Agency’s (DIA), Defense Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence Center (DCHC), a recent publication identified Brandon more fully as Chief for Research in the DCHC’s Behavioral Science Program. As Horton notes, a recent column by Marc Ambinder at The Atlantic described the DCHC as providing “intelligence operatives and interrogators….. [performing] interrogations for a sub-unit of Task Force 714, an elite counter-terrorism brigade.” Interrogations at the Afghan black site reportedly have included use of sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, brutality, isolation, relying on the guidelines of the Army Field Manual, including its Appendix M. Many human rights groups have criticized Appendix M as including techniques tantamount to torture and/or cruel, inhumane and degrading and illegal by domestic and international law.

Back in 2003, according to an APA news article, Brandon “jointly conceived” the APA/CIA workshops with Rand Associate Policy Analyst, Scott Gerwehr. (Mr. Gerwehr reportedly died a few years ago.) At the time, psychologist Susan Brandon was the Program Officer for Affect and Biobehavioral Regulation at the National Institute of Mental Health, and worked on the APA/CIA program while also serving as “Senior Scientist” at the APA.

In the early 2000s, Dr. Brandon served as Behavioral and Social Science Principal at the Mitre Corporation, a company highly linked to U.S. Air Defense. Subsequent to her stint as APA’s Senior Scientist, she went on to work in for the Bush administration as Assistant Director of Social, Behavioral, and Educational Sciences for the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy. In addition, she became an instrumental member of the Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences (SBES) Subcommittee of the National Science and Technology Council’s Committees on Science and Homeland and National Security.

Subsequently, as described in an important article by Stephen Soldz that extends many of the points in this essay, Brandon joined the Defense Department’s Counterintelligence Field Activity group (CIFA), which was later disbanded and reformed as part of the DCHC. Soldz also reminds us that Brandon was “one of the silent observers at the [APA] PENS [Psychological Ethics and National Security] taskforce described by dissident taskforce member Jean Maria Arrigo as exerting pressure on members to adopt a likely pre-approved policy in favor of participation in Guantánamo, CIA, and other interrogations. According to a 2005 article by Geoff Mumford, APA’s Director of Science Policy, Dr. Brandon “helped steer much of the association’s scientific outreach relevant to counter-terrorism after 9/11.”

One example of such outreach would include the June 11, 2002 meeting between Brandon, and other top APA officials with “two senior staff members in the National Security Council’s (NSC’s) Office of Combating Terrorism” (OCT). Since Vice Admiral William McRaven was head of OCT at that time, perhaps Brandon’s acquaintance with the world of Special Operations dates to that time, as McRaven was to become Commander of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).

JSOC is the other Defense Department component, besides DIA, that has been linked currently with the management of the black site prisons run by the Obama administration, subsequent to President Obama’s apparent closure of the CIA black sites. One reputable source has informed me that there are eight such black site prisons in Afghanistan alone. A recent report by the BBC corroborated earlier reports by the New York Times and the Washington Post. The article by Ambinder further elaborated upon this story.

Why is the Obama Administration Still Involved in Torture?

It is not known if Dr. Brandon has been involved in any of the reported abuses of prisoners coming out of Bagram’s Tor prison, or elsewhere. Yet one would think the Obama administration and the Pentagon has a lot to explain in utilizing as their behavioral chief of research for an agency involved in intelligence operations, including interrogation. But then, why is the Obama administration involved in torture or operating secret prisons at all? President Obama has manifestly broken his promise to the American people to end torture and close all secret prisons. Nor has Congress done their due diligence in investigating these matters. Only when the American people fully understand the extent to which these activities have occupied the government and their various collaborators, like the APA, will society be able to take the necessary steps to end these abuses, and hold those accountable for what amount to crimes against humanity.

As for psychologists, Dr. Soldz rightly notes, “Psychology as a profession is at a crossroads.” The same holds true for other professions involved with this abusive and criminal history, including the activities of anthropologists in the military’s Human Terrain System teams in Afghanistan, researchers in numerous academic departments across the country, and the many reports of doctors and other medical personnel involved in the monitoring of torture activities for the CIA and Defense Department. The use of torture has suborned U.S. civil society as a whole in activities that are dark and evil, and the society as a whole must make a tremendous effort if it is to extirpate such evil from its midst.

*For an early document referring to Artichoke’s history, see CIA, Memorandum for the Record, Subject: Project ARTICHOKE, January 31, 1975. While this MOR downplays Artichoke’s history, it represents the degree to which the CIA was willing to reveal such operations. The Truthout article discusses Operation Dormouse, where then Ford administration officials Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld worked with the CIA to limit revelations about Artichoke and other CIA torture and assassination operations.

Originally published on Firedoglake.

Jeffrey Kaye is a psychologist living in Northern California who writes regularly on torture and other subjects for The Public Record, Truthout and Firedoglake. He also maintains a personal blog, Invictus. His email address is sfpsych at gmail dot com

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10 Responses for “Obama Interrogation Official Linked to U.S. Mind Control Research”

  1. mackie mccleod says:

    to view a partial list of crimes committed by FBI agents over 1500 pages long see
    forums.signonsandiego. com/showthread.php?t=59139

    to view a partial list of FBI agents arrested for pedophilia see
    campusactivism. org/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=29

    also see
    ctka. net/pr500-king.html

  2. anonymity says:

    I think I’m a leftover from earlier non consensual unethical experimentation. Like many others my harassment entered an overt phase – for which I expect they wanted me to “come out” and discredit myself professionally.

    I wanted to note that in my harassment of late there appears to be the use of Milton Technique NLP – creating a rapport with me (cyberstalkers doing that) then overwhelming me with messages (literally thousands of postings and fake clues) then trying to get me to believe conspiratorial and erroneous things about the origins of this problem.

    How long do we have to wait until we get some justice and reparations? We are living in the land of hypocrisies – the US wanting to be at the forefront of human rights while we are being decimated in a very secretive way.

    It’s time for someone on the inside to have the guts to come out and liberate those of us who’ve had a lifetime of covert harassment, druggings and social engineering only to have the harassment become overt in our middle age. And what about our children?

  3. Linda says:

    UCLA’s Social Cognitive Psychology Department is involved in this…!

    Dr. Matthew Lieberman (and his wife) , UCLA’s Dr. Naomi Eisenberger (along with their collaborators) have been doing this type of experimenting ( on un-consenting individual) since 2002-2003!

    They are teamed up with DHS Secret Service agent David Hollowell …He stood by the side of our ex-pres while in detail! He uses security clearances and letters to stop any investigation that might be conducted that will expose their disgusting extremely abusive work! Dr. Matthew Lieberman has made his whole UCLA career by doing this…He must be stopped!

  4. JAMES says:

    Electromagnetic/microwave torture, and mind control/stalking is happening here in Britain aswell. Its becoming a common practice but no one speaks of it. The victims are left helpless and unsupported while they are continually victimised, tortured (minorchildren of victims tortured aswell) day and night. We are treated far less than RSPCA would allow for animals. The police, Doctors and every govt dept act neutral to victims plight. Neighbours are often media to carry out nefarious activities. SOS.

  5. Targetted individual says:

    @JAMES. What you say is true. The same is happening to me here in the UK. No one is talking about it except to create a massive disinformation campaign to label targets who complain as ‘not right’ or ‘mentally ill’. I cannot fathom why. It is happening to so many people here. The police are certainly complicit as we reported an egregious incident recently and they claimed never to have heard of organised stalking/gang stalking etc. Impossible to believe that is true.

  6. My Brain Hurts says:

    My tin foil hat is too tight! Do you speak Gerbil? My Gerbils are talking to me but I don’t understand Muskrat!

  7. Ben Brown says:

    Once again the massive secret security appartus of the U.S, has successfully developed a bunch of nonsensicle “mind control” and “torture” websites which avoid the truth that America is controlled by a huge series clandestine subterranean lab facilities which apply synthetic telepathic/neuro-impulse weapons technology that creates a monolithic bio-matrix grid system of suveillence, censorship and mind conditioning. They don’t even have contact you directly…they simply sit in their labs and program mental virals to transmit into to mid and impulses into your body. Wake up, American.

  8. issac says:

    What is really hard for me to understand is how you all know so much. I spent ten years tortured by the exact types of sick persons and they are even using criminals in vancouver jail to assist them. These evil persons are doing this and i know exactly how but i could not write an email for five years due to the severity..blood coming from hands! Eyes blinded…its far worse than the TI stuff, thats spillover people feel. They use loaded language and 90% of the email post are the sickos. Ive seen how they are destroying the freeway bridges mostly interstate 5 in san diego county and portland vancouver area. The proof is so blatant. The eucalyptus treees are being sheered from skaler dirty energy. Ive seen them kill and they have done things to me you could not handle an hour of. Ive suffered beyond human suffering. They are making people die…throwing them into cars, blinding with sattelite flashing and sonic projecting. Its so scary your nightmares are stolen and lived thru. They use a prison in vancouver washington and inmates are traded drugs, sexual stuff, for torture. I am at risk daily. Cars are beimg crashed in places where they leave illegal tracking positions. Iam figIts theft worlds hardest fight. Im alone, not one ofmthem, a honest man. Its very bad. I will release more information if you dont stop sick evil faaaots. S.S. stop. PRISM STOP.
    The pathetic comments or strange responses..dont read them, No consent given. No consent. You are not a phone company and no auto consent can be taken from citizens.
    how the hell is this happening. The lies they say and claim are murderous. People are hanging themselves, choking to death. I have tried hard to get anyone with honor and position to help but they get manipulated. The device makes people look away, peoples emotions blunted, horid things.families are turned into zombies when they have a member murdered. Its the most illegal crimes in USA history. I can provide enough to get itmblown open buti cant find an honorable open minded hero. Its so much moremthan Snowden..10000x worse. It controls speech, thought, thousands murdered, not jokimg. Millitary hacking, credit card fraud, not other countries. If you have integrity and press, ill give the real truth. Im very hurt by it. Children murdered, they…laugh! Its the most important problem in usa. Most targeteds are fake, its far,worse, even making this is a very hard effort. No eloquent web sites possible. They scream dozens of voices, magnetic forces crush….children…Please…Please trust your heart…i am honorable and àccurate.its much much moremthan stalking, thats the coverup. Its theft. Isreal and uk mentioned mi5 or 6 maybe a person or a few. They are not one branch of govt. Its a corrupt bunch including a couple nsa, a fbi and even s.s..
    how can you know this ben? Can you help more? They are sitting in rooms, long narroe, feet up on desk. Rigging football games. Sports corrupted, 5% drag, missed ball, cramps, etc, etc. Any injury they fake. 100 lbs is double. People who know…need legitimate people who hear them talk. They crashed Amtrak Philly. The way it crashed, the glass spiral, its so blatent, poor conductor.

  9. puppymonkey says:

    Yes Issac, You speak the truth. Record ‘suicided’ citizens this past month. Torture & murder is all they know. Impotent, cowardly, enraged ancient old white men loosing their grip on the controls. The most important issue of our times. Evil beyond your worst sci fi. All those early religious paintings of torture, terror, demons and mayhem suddenly become no longer fiction.
    But the citizenry are awakening like never before. Critical mass approaches. The Cabel is becoming frightened, sloppy, desperate and stupid—we all now feel it. A time of reckoning is near. All must choose. Ben, are you still fighting? Can you answer Issac?

  10. Isaac Sayegh says:

    October 26, 2016 U.S. Department of Justice National Security Division; research in clairvoyance and mind control and the reason of the New York Jewish community

    A copy was sent to the Central Intelligence Agency with the hope that MK Ultra research would be recovered; it was not complete (methane-potassium ultra) now it is;

    Discovering Ketoret an illusion drug to design dreams and set obsessions when managed by priests will end consciences trained to sing and dance for self-satisfaction of a druggist a sorcerer ketoret is methane “CH 4” a vapor when baked at warm temperatures fills the room of conditioning where dreams are designed by chants its actual compound is known.

    Chants of instructions during the drugging are chosen so victims will never be aware of their listening which would have to include remember when prepared in advance can welcome the druggist sorcerer or witch when methane and never realize the intrusion. The targets among others police chiefs politicians or bankers that manage budgets and always the additional women sometimes a gift from a sister rules and marriages are of no importance consciences re-created are rules set by the gods of whomever. A method of chants on meeting a particular person when speech heard becomes incorporated as dreams or obsessions within the coming days and in ease upon the preparation of a forever client speech could be from a clairvoyant a permanent dreamer and the reason the epidemic is non-ending. Other methods are direct instructions influencing the sorcerer themselves and then becoming obsessed of some of what seems to be a opera by viewers that are aware and they are few. Such profiled people on arrival are immediate epidemics a decision set as they never stop the barrages of misery an older man of this training would condition a young girl that he will always want a kiss a believed conquest by the man and for the young lady a man in her dreams that is an eternal nuisance, whomever.

    Daydreaming is forbidden when dreams are created ideas are limited and happiness is always postponed in a life that years are numbered those that we battle harmed us dearly and are not forgiven our hearts underwent operations and replaced with prosthetic aortic valves with unending mechanical beats and a countdown for the hosts demise our illegitimate children were enough of Israel’s shenanigans and the need to prove discrimination was equal it was insanity that was proven.

    They complained of Arabs not respecting borders after crossing the Atlantic to give Roosevelt speeches we knew him and it was our day of infamy. Chants in conditioning are repeated and played for at least four hours not remembered in the reality of the developing imagination and with effort at poetry the desire. The vapors in a short time become atmosphere worry depression pains dream and fantasies are noticeable until the induced instructions are accepted. The compound can be heated in adjacent rooms with instructions avoiding attention to the technician and he will be ignored.

    Not one illness obsession or failure fails to be accountable for the sorcerers being responsible life decisions are the responsibility of the individual and drugging never an excuse only an epidemic that individuals must end when government fails. As children we were taught upon the age of fifty our misery ends and if not end it all we have reached that age and the Russians who do sorcery are not to be forgiven religions are beliefs and their undertaking and it is a face of their games while Torah develops etiquette of the soul and is understood in complete.

    Sorcery is real and begins with Ketoret controlling the imagination whatever ends are decided by people who influence either the hypnotists or ventriloquists that are not always aware of their actions damage or whereabouts. Sorcerers orchestrate ghosts in the conscience referred also as spirits or ions the vapor rare when needed is to be overseen by priests who train endlessly not to err. Premonitions result when groups are drugged implanting ideas and emotions within them and keeping records of their victims interacting for game and sport. Cow-hands are people who work in an environment of methane as cow waste and develop obsessions for the activity sorcerers who practice in the environment are hypnotic becoming deeply obsessed in their blessings even from a misspoken phrase and constantly reinforce its outcome even to each other as pagans they understand to sanctify any belief. Clairvoyants’ are known as victims of the chemists and also perpetrators of creating dreams that ends with life’s new goals a dream or obsession could be set a year in advance changing beliefs and the resulting reality that delivers on demand and a designed personality that will not be noticeable possessed are conditioned for a repetitive dream blurt out statements at times planned for a sales pitch or party act a ventriloquist. Spirits and beliefs gain strength from dreams anesthetic at regular intervals will put you in sleep where they are no dreams and obsessions of the ill and the illness will be no more.

    The holocaust a Slavic opera referred in the Hebrew as Shoah was actual pronunciation from show and never occurred Jews as social groups are lawful and not a people within a people and were not in Europe. The holocaust humor that the Jews were used for soap was a result of frustration of the inability to function by the priesthood who train endlessly not to err sodium acetate anhydrous that is used by sorcerers for the incense Ketoret was believed needed for producing soap and that Jews were allied to the Freemasons as a compound of lime is also required. The term holocaust was from the cause of a hologram and the parchment written Torah (finally understood, a curveball apparently unfolding) the reason of the final solution by sorcerers and crazed indoctrinations they cannot escape in sanctifying ills on life and society in a world they created of a Torah that consecrated their dissolution without their awareness (conspiracy, Zionist, Israel, Jewish all true but only set for the Russians).

    Jew a temporary phenomenon was in place of Jehovah a conscience with sanctified thoughts prescribed. Only while possessed by Jehovah is a person known as Israel according to Torah and not the embellishments or publicity. Any information of the period of time is required to know the date of printing; Witnessed.

    Jewish America explained endlessly that the Middle East was distant from them until they doubted themselves and forgetting along with Israel’s founders yehudim that in Russia or Europe there was never Judaism.

    America was in a war of wits with the Soviet Union-Russia and the comical Arab oil embargo when all oil is manufactured and never drained from wells. Israel already advertised itself the holy land a tourist location for a massage and prayer and then began issuing medallions of righteous gentile or prisoner of conscience for its partisan theme parks drugged youth and parents in the city of New York to demonstrate for freedom of a non-existent soviet Jewry leaving them in a permanent unhappiness and health dependency to create an environment of excitement and encouragement for Russians traveling the highway distance of two turnpikes and four exit ramps into Israel for a home and salaried part of Israel that seemed to be a large movie studio and later sworn by Arabs to be a cover-up of Israel’s collapse, a jurisdiction. In New York an Israeli bank opened alongside with its Jewish agency and behaved as part the publicized intelligence service Mossad constantly searching to benefit from America’s Torah adherents that suffered from constant intrusions in their lives the bank was not very well known and could have been from Canada or Mexico when the bank was set ablaze on kings highway Brooklyn they responded they are of the ten ancient lost tribe’s and clearly understood in our city that a long war for sanity was upon us.

    Anti-Semitism was semi italicized characters written from right to left Arabic and anti was italicized characters written in the opposite direction Latin or English. The Hebrew language was designed to write the Torah the textbook for prophets and priests had no linguistic connection and was not originally developed for a country with a fascination of folk dancing and every eastern European’s Camp David. The first Jewish centers in New York where in neighborhoods called Italian from italicized nobody knew whether they were going from right to left or left to right George Gershwin humor not to forget the origin of the phrase immigration to America was not as large as thought ports did not exist to receive newcomers.

    The New York communities who were Torah adherents were a family or quorum that read it to perfection clearly and loudly and were the origin of the Jewish religion the title from a combination of “Jehovah and wish or will” after the completion in New York with its writing on parchment by 1911 those who decide to end community participation are not in attendance and did not assimilate or mourned lost.

    The State of Israel’s location has no connection to the Torah where places mentioned are philosophies not tourist sites as Jerusalem its capital never mentioned it was amazing the loyalty to a religion which most embellishments are not verified when printed or clearly understood confusing all those emotionally dependent on a country that orchestrated emotions for its success. Jewish philosophy and religious books are written to train for comprehending the design of the Torah and not a replacement or addition including the Talmud and Maimonides its complete understanding would result in the establishment of a priesthood that will succeed.

    When Israel fell to the invasion planned of Russian immigration over the north toll those thought were survivors of the cultures priests met in New York my hometown in 1970 I was nine. Dad said they were not Israel and spoke of a group in the Middle East that declared independence with the Torah as a rule book of developing sanctified etiquette of the conscience that became an idol for prayer. In our community school we were taught the same day of the assemblies of Israel three or four we counted and a first of an attempt in reality. We took the name of the association Aram soba my family and taught when we go to war we were the extended line the flank and all that would be left was citizenship to follow us in and enjoy their national parks opened as they could write their fantasies as legends in song we the boys were afraid and didn’t think it would work.

    We received the Torah as training for priesthood and not as religion we were not many and known as Beth Jacob’ constantly being prepared for what was to be our unfortunate adulthood some were grandchildren of the authors and others the first quorum and some both some were taken from home to home to remember that environment was needed not necessarily the bloodline and giving every sign that excuses of the heart is only the fault within. The orthodox union of American Jews was in its infancy and the first successful prayer my synagogue was only a few years before our lives were public and not by us I remember being told of six million of my kind the Jews disappearing and local police trying to raise our spirits in defiance of the unending barrage of lies to American cities sending investigators to look into draws and cookies jars for spirit it was done before and was no longer funny. I remember watching a televised broadcast at home in my childhood pajamas about Jews capturing the Suez canal not understanding or realizing the sense of humor until Roger Grimsby the newscaster laughed followed by stares from my neighbors wondering how did we get involved in a burden so overwhelming. We heard Israel the overrun with which we are now connected began claiming to be descended from the ancient Israelites and can still remember our community grandparent’s uncontrollable laughing as one of life’s great moments and scolded to control our laughter if ever it is mention in the future. We were told of Irving Berlin the blessed an immigrant and clairvoyant from Russia the tribe of sorcerers and a perpetual dreamer convinced that all Americans were immigrants mainly Irish we were Americans through song and dance we were sworn to defend America from our country of emigration even Ireland itself so we did it was theatre and a show and didn’t think we were going to be the performers.

    We were told of friends that met socially and at their young adult age along with others went to work for America’s federal government under patronage of Secretary George Marshall from then their friendships remained we were their children.

    Our line didn’t hold and they came from the borders in droves with their sorcerers fourteen of our numbers are believed to have survived with miserable lives assured I am one of them. They said we were not experienced and we were not and we were too young and we were and staged they planned our offensive and failure earlier on and knew us from childhood from our neighborhoods they told us our accents will change to Russian if they required it as that too they could influence and we knew they bragged about Irving Berlin the composer of God bless America because they also managed the dreams of America and then they took it all with no intention to hide.

    Placed judges that were not born in the jurisdiction of their law and cabinet ministers not citizens governed Israel’s televised broadcasts that had no idea of truth or harm it caused our war for our freedom ordered Arabs with military gear to collaborate to harass other Arabs for the nightly shows Israel’s government departments along with their global banks stating loudly they do not assist the Jewish in tune of unending Hebrew folk songs honoring fictitious warriors and real conquests. The capital of Israel with police and soldiers from borders afar that was not to be and our dad’s made it clear. The priesthood’s fall both Arab and American wasn’t staged it was a planned ambush after one hundred and twenty seven years from the birth of my grandfather along with the Torah’s authors “their swears” kept and sow seeds for the first harvest to end tyranny of the mind.

    Sorcerer tribes and witchcraft is public and is being published that will not end the truth dared is being told as they do not permit conversations of magic and would place city after city in a fantasy of a lifetime and maintain those dreams. The Torah a textbook of identifying witchcraft for priests and prophets of chemistry and measurements not realized by those whose patience to understand was knowledge limited from proteges and their children.

    Isaac Sayegh, Peretz Naftali St. 12
    Petach- Tikva, Israel 49295 (03) 5273515
    Social Security # 064-56-2229
    It is all of it; if you had the emotion and not the illusion that wanders you would have understood it early on. We were conscript it is time for the government to be awaken and it is time to come home. My two illegitimate sons will be killed-I took it all Russia has over two million people in America that practice sorcery Israel is southern Russia their gateway.

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