Word Games: Most US Media Hide An American Atrocity In Afghanistan Behind ‘NATO’ And Fudge The Victims’ Ages

The people of Afghanistan know who was flying the two helicopter gunships that brutally hunted down and slaughtered, one by one, nine boys apparently as young as seven years old, as they gathered firewood on a hillside March 1. In angry demonstrations after the incident, they were shouting “Death to America.”

Americans are still blissfully unaware that their “heroes” in uniform are guilty of this obscene massacre. The ovine US corporate media has been reporting on this story based upon a gutless press release from the Pentagon which attributes the “mistake” to “NATO” helicopters.

The thing is, this terrible incident occurred in the Pech Valley in Afghanistan’s Kunar province, where US forces have for several years been battling Taliban forces, and from which region they are now in the process of withdrawing. Clearly then, it is US, and not “NATO” helicopters which have been responding to calls to attack “suspected Taliban forces.”

So why can’t the Pentagon say that? And if they won’t say that, why won’t American reporters either demand that they clearly state the nationality of whatever troops commit an atrocity, or exercise due diligence themselves and figure it out?

There is a second issue too. Most publications appear to have followed the lead of the highly compromised New York Times, and are going with the Pentagon line that the boys who were killed were aged 9-15. That’s bad enough. It’s hard to see how helicopter pilots with their high-resolution imaging equipment, cannot tell a 9-year-old boy when they see one, from a bearded Taliban fighter. But at least one news organization, the McClachy chain, is reporting that the ages of the boys who were murdered from the air were 7-13. If that latter range of ages is correct, then it is all the more outrageous that they were picked off one by one by helicopter gunners. No way could they have mistaken a 7-year-old for an adult.

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2 Responses for “Word Games: Most US Media Hide An American Atrocity In Afghanistan Behind ‘NATO’ And Fudge The Victims’ Ages”

  1. Eva Destruction says:

    The Pentagon won’t talk about it because it prefers to keep the public in the dark. The maimed stream media won’t ask questions because they are nothing but government lap dogs.

    Yes, liberty dies to thunderous applause from the media.

  2. Mike Schroeder says:

    Have you ever seen any war footage from WWII? Did you ever notice how they (both sides of the war) bombed parts of the cities with no regard to populated, residential areas? Collateral damage was incredible. Countless thousands of CIVILIANS were killed by carpet bombing.

    With the precision munitions we have now days, a few civilians die, yes. But for the most part, our targeted munitions minimize civilian casualties.

    We are there fighting for the freedom of the people. Some civilians get killed due to mistakes. Some “kids” are gun-toting extremists, bent on killing US and UN troops. It is quite difficult to tell them apart from one another. Those who are not proponents of our actions in Afghanistan are quick to point out civilian losses, while turning a blind eye to the good we are doing over there.

    However, there is also a moral obligation which is often overemphasized. While we strive to propagate democracy throughout the world, the simple fact is that this region has been continuously in unrest for the last few THOUSAND years. They simply cannot get along EVER. So my angle is to let them fight amongst themselves as they have in the past, and always will into the future. These children that were killed by US troops on accident, would likely have been killed by Taliban anyway (on purpose), if we hadn’t stuck our nose in there.

    We think we can make a difference there. Although this is a noble consideration, when we pull troops out of this region in the future, it will just revert right back to it’s barbaric ways. America needs to focus on fixing it’s own pathetic situation. Let the rest of the world be. Our interests in oil are clouding our judgment.

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